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  1. Gun engraving in MA

    Wayne D’Angelo. In Mass and a formed master engraver at S&W. Not sure if he is taking new work but any decent engraver is going to be a wait.
  2. 1911 holster recommendations

    Warbird leather if you don't mind spending some money. Custom made , colors, types of leather,etc
  3. SBS transfer in TPRM?

    SBS is a "firearm" under MA law and since it is not on the roster a dealer is not supposed to transfer it. Healy rule which actually under strict interpretation is correct. Good luck.
  4. Harvard sportsman’s club

    As I said. everyone who has joined for the last several years plus is told that exact thing by Dan at the membership meeting. that would be more than one thousand people at a minimum. He uses a chencklist of points that he goes over during his talk. Every member that joins must go to the...
  5. Harvard sportsman’s club

    During the intro talk Dan gives at every meeting it is mentioned that's drawing from a holster is reserved for the action pits including th SASS pits. Anywhere that has benches to shoot From is supposed to be for firearms out on the bench and not from holsters. I have heard that speech dozens...
  6. Possible double charge in 45acp

    Break them all down unless its cheaper to buy a new $1k pistol. If not then shoot away with a glove, ear pro and a welding mask. Start by doing 100 at a time and checking each 100. Better when there is a problem to pull 100 than 500. My top was pulling 200 with a kinetic puller over...
  7. INS stamp required

    Happens to me occasionally too. You expect the RMV computers to be accurate!?!? HA.
  8. 5.56 federal msr gone from Target Sports in record time

    AIM years ago got in a conex of 5.45. Something like 1.3 plus million rounds. It was gone in a few hours. That was right when 5.45 dried up a few years ago and it was the only surplus posted at that point. Got in on it early, waited a short while to buy more and it was gone. Target sports...
  9. INS stamp required

    Mass requires insurance to register. You don't have "insurance on file" so they won't renew it. Call your insurance agent and they can help you out.
  10. Centerfire Systems and melting firearms

    This rule only applies if the parts are made of metal. If they are made of plastic then the rule does not apply. Typical MA logic. Originally made to stop the zinc / pot metal framed 22s like the Jennings being sold at the time. The problem with most other states is that "firearm" means any...
  11. Flash Enhancer ???

    Shot a mag worth out of a short barreled M16 with the Degroat flash enhancer. I doubled up on hearing protection and still the owner stepped way back with a big grin on his face. By the end of the mag dump I had snot running down my nose. The concussion was glorious. Really cleared my sinuses.
  12. Converting a M16

    If it's actually a Registered M16 then get KNS pins. 9mm can egg the pin holes.
  13. Gunsmith near Littleton?

    For 1911s go to Greg Derry or Lou at Business end customs. They do a ton so you get excellent work and a guy who knows what he is doing.
  14. Lost my dear wife

    Jack So sorry for your loss. That is a heck of a long time together. Thoughts and prayers to you and your family.
  15. Looking for Arisaka help

    Sporterized Arisakas are worth $200 or less IMO. Unless a family heirloom they typically have close to no market value. As a complete amateur on pricing I believe an original stocked and good shape early rifle would take at least a $100 hit in price if it had a refinished stock. Or more It all...
  16. Looking for Arisaka help

    "Japanese" wouldn't fit on the headstamp IMO. I call it 7.7 Arisaka but just noted that when you find the ammo / dies it is typically labeled "7.7 Jap". FYI you will need the safety that has the spiral machining on it and not the one that has a blob of weld on the end to make it "correct"...
  17. Looking for Arisaka help

    Manufactured by the Tokyo Kogyo arsenal as indicated by the symbols after the serial number. 31st series as indicated by the stamp before the SN. Earlier gun as T K started series in 1939 and continued to 1945 and only did Series numbers from 30 to 35. As an early gun it should have a chrome...
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