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  3. Sig 365 holster w/CT or Lima laser

    There are holsters out there for the SIG P365 with Crimson Trace and Lima Lasers. Anyone know if they are interchangeable? I found that Crossbreed made an IWB for the 365 with CTC laser and picked one up and like it. Still need a belt holster though.
  4. VPN for NES viewing?

    Tired of blocked "evil sites" like NES and not being able to view local TV Pats games on YouTubeTV when I'm at Hotels and on the road. I can't see the games until it over and all too often get wind of the score before I get a chance to watch. Also, Netflix viewing (out of area) as well as some...
  5. New: Glock Gen 5 I was just getting into the Gen 4's. I kind of like the finger grooves.
  6. Entry level trap shot gun recommendation ?

    Looking for recommendation for entry level trap shotgun. Over under? Semi auto? This would be a trap only shotgun.
  7. NH Non resident CCW Permit ?

    I have a non resident NH permit that was recognized in most states that I might visit. Now that NH is a Constitutional Carry State, is the Utah permit the best one to obtain these days ?
  8. Geissele Lightning Bow Tavor trigger

    Anyone familiar with the Geissele Lightning Bow Tavor trigger installation? I'm concerned this might be above my comfort level doing it myself.
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  10. Show me your cool 1911 Grips

    I have plain-'ol-Jane grips on my 1911-A1 and, since my wife says I have no style sense whatsoever, need some input on what to get. I've seen some AMAZING stuff here on NES over the years, so please do share.
  11. Dillon Case Lube Removal

    Just starting a 500 run of 223's and wondered if there's a better way to remove the case lube. Brass has been cleaned, primers out and ready to trim and re size. I'm thinking . . . . 1) Load 'em up and tumble loaded cartridges in clean media. 2) Resize, trim and then tumble empty cases...
  12. Gun Alarm Clock

    Creatov Gun and Target Alarm Clock on Amazon GOTTA have it !!
  13. FS2000 / Tavor need to be pinned and welded ?

    Wondering if bullpup Tavor and FS2000 barrels need to be pinned and welded. I see one "evil feature" detachable magazine, and wondering if the grip counts.
  14. AR 14.5 pinned or 16 inch barrel

    Am I losing anything by using a 14.5 inch barrel with muzzle brake? I figure since I already have to pin and weld any 16 inch Mass Compliant muzzle brake, why not go 14.5, add the brake, and come out 16 inch plus for ATF Compliance? Most everything I see around here has a 16 incher plus a three...
  15. One DECADE on northeastshooters

    GREEN for TEN years !!! Wow, does time fly. A big Thank you to Derek for a running an outstanding web site, Moderators for their work, the decent people I’ve met at NES events, and those online helping me out in the many tech troubles I seem to find.
  16. Help with M1 Garand jamming issue

    This happens every 5th or 6th round. Field stripped the rifle, cleaned and lubed. Same problem. I'm shooting Greek CMP ammo but did it with other ammo too. I'm stumped.
  17. F-Troop TV Show's Wrangler Jane will not be down for breakfast

    TV actress Melody Patterson, best known for playing Wrangler Jane on “F Troop,” died Thursday at the age of 66. Patterson died in a nursing home
  18. News sources

    I am so sick of irresponsible journalism. Near every news story involving something I have some knowledge about, I notice few facts thrown in with sensationalism, snappy graphics, "you heard it here first" and just plain 'ol poor reporting with little regard for accuracy. Anyone have an idea...
  19. .357 or .358 for 9mm ?

    Does it matter? I'm seeing both sizes available and not sure which to choose.
  20. Good Bye Rachel robocalls, hopefully forever

    I work odd hours and was this close to pulling the plug on my landline because of too many robocalls. Tried the free service "nomorobo" for about six weeks now, and haven't heard from that Bee-arch Rachel from Card Services, those Microsoft experts or other scam artist robocalls. I'm sure this...
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