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  1. First Tim Kennedy now....
  2. WTB PC Carbine in 40 S&W

    WTB PC carbine in 40 S&W. Looking for a Ruger. No hi-points or kel-tech please.
  3. pls delete

    pls delete
  4. Maine outfitter

    All Doing a deer hunt in Maine this November. Can anyone recommend a outfitter? Did some research, have a new I may use. If anyone has personal experience that would be helpful. thanks.
  5. please remove

  6. This morning @ Copicut

    A little chilly this morning but nice and clear. Shot some 308. Great day. Ruger American Predator and Springfield M1A
  7. Making purchase with expired LTC

    All My LTC expired in April. I have submission confirmation from my towns licensing authority that I submitted my application prior to expiration of my LTC. The letter is signed by Weymouth PD Licensing authority showing proof of submission. According to Massachusetts state law Chapter 264 of...
  8. Bear Hunting in VT / NH

    Can anyone recommend a outfitter to hunt Bear in NH and/or Maine this year? Did some online shopping and found some outfitters without getting sticker shock. I would like to hear from those who have done this first hand. Thanks
  9. Hog hunting

    All Anyone have good experiences to post regarding hog, boar, varmint, or predator hunting. Looking to make a trip to the south / Midwest with my father. Is there a outfitter you have used that can be recommended? thanks
  10. WTS WTS / WTT Emerson TV

    Emerson TV for sale. Flat screen but it has some junk in the trunk. See photos. Great TV for kids, office, GUN ROOM. Excellent picture and working remote. Selling for $20.00 cash - or 100 rounds of .380, 38spl, 9mm, 45acp, .223. I have a LTC and can produce should you want to trade ammo.
  11. SIG armorer

    Anyone know of a good SIG smith or armorer? South Shore / Boston area.
  12. LTC RENEWAL - 35 DAYS - Weymouth

    That’s right. 35 days. Did my renewal paper work on 01 April. Got a letter today (dated 05 May) that my LTC was waiting for me. Drove to the Weymouth PD and picked it up. I can’t say how pleased I am. 35 days. I heard horror stories. I was not expecting my LTC until June. Licensing...
  13. Transfer of long gun from out of state resident

    Posting for a friend..... I have a question regarding purchasing a shotgun through a private sale from an out of state resident. Can I simply make the purchase and register it in Mass within the seven day period? Sellor does not have LTC. Buyer does. Long gun in question is a O/U shotgun.
  14. Rossi R92 38/357 Range Report There has been some talk on NES about lever action rifles of late. Thought I would post my range report. Range Report Rossi R92. This is the first time I ever shot a lever action rifle. I purchased my Rossi R92...
  15. Lever action Rifle

    All Getting the itch to purchase a lever action rifle. I like the 38/357 carbine platform . I would use the gun for target/range/plinking and maybe begin to do some small game hunting down the road. I am looking at Rossi, Marlin, or Henry. Can anyone provide some insight to lever actions, best...
  16. SIG P232

    All Leaning towrds a SIG P232. Never shot one. 232 owners - your thoughts and comments please. Use will be range and target. I own a P239 and love it.
  17. XS Sight for Ruger GP 100

    Anyone installed XS sights on a Ruger GP 100?
  18. Paid today...cannot post

    I "re-green'd" and cannot post. user name is mg2112 - the error MG2112, you do not have permission to access this page. This could be due to one of several reasons: 1.Your user account may not have sufficient privileges to access this page. Are you trying to edit someone else's post...
  19. Just "re-greened" cannot post to classified's

    Just "re-greened" and I cannot post to classifieds. I have a e-reciept if that helps. account name is mg2112. May be due to the server move - but just checking. thanks Mike G
  20. Changing dominant eye

    All I have suffered from bad vision all my life - genetics. Had LASIK surgery in April 2011. Both peepers work fine. I noticed that my left eye is a bit sharper. While at the range recently I overheard a conversation about shooters covering one eye while shooting. I decided to try that...
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