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  1. S&W 342 / lightweight J-frame pocket carry

    My usual carry is a M&P Shield 45 OWB but when I am being lazy or just running out for a quick trip I toss a Ruger LCP (Sticky holster) in a pocket. Bob
  2. Slug barrel - best way to mount optics?

    Purchase a cantilevered slug barrel for the shotgun or have the receiver drilled and tapped by a gunsmith and make that shotty a dedicated deer gun. Bob
  3. What the girl wants........

    As always, another stunningly beautiful work of functional art. Nicely done. If I brought that home she MIGHT let me shoot it once in awhile. She lets me shoot “MY” S&W 686 occasionally. Bob
  4. BBQ Colt Commander

    Another stunning work of functional art. I am always amazed at the wide diversity of your projects and how stunningly beautifully they all are. Bob
  5. .30 Luger Colt Commander

    Function art at its best. Absolutely stunning as always. Bob
  6. Smoked Colt .45

    Stunning as always. Bob
  7. Best 5.56 AR-15 (like) rifles that are Mass compliant

    There are NOS preban AR-15 rifles floating around. They are spendy but you said that price isn’t an issue. I agree with Mac; it is difficult to give you an answer without knowing the purpose of the rife. Bob
  8. Ruger LCRx 22 WMR Revolver 6rd

    Same here. They have a rattle in the transfer bar that is mildly annoying to some. I replaced the front sight with a night sight and thought it was a worthwhile improvement and it was easy to do. XS Sight Systems, Inc. - Products - LCR It is a great little pocket carry gun. Bob
  9. Marlin 336 JM stamp assistance

    You can also check the lever pivot screw and make sure that it wasn't tightened by a gorilla. They can be over tightened to the point that the lever won’t move. From your pictures I can see that the lever pivot screw has been in and out. So you can check that. Kroil it as recommended and let...
  10. Marlin 336 JM stamp assistance

    I will add that a long unused lever action can be really really stiff; especially it it wasn’t shot much to begin with. Bob
  11. Ironwood and Hard Chrome Commander

    OMG that is gorgeous. Bob
  12. Flintlock Musket for Black Powder Novice

    I’ve done it a couple of times and it worked well for me. Bob
  13. Flintlock Musket for Black Powder Novice

    Everyone is going to dry ball sooner or later. The best thing to do is not to let yourself get interrupted during the reload cycle so you don’t screw up. On a percussion rifle you can pull the nipple and drop a few grains of powder in the bolster, replace the nipple and shoot the dry ball out...
  14. Flintlock Musket for Black Powder Novice

    Use real black powder in a percussion or flintlock rife. Real black powder has a lower ignition temperature than any of the substitute powders. I have never had a misfire using real black powder (GOEX or Swiss) even when hunting in the rain. Bob
  15. Best MA-compliant Government Frame 1911?

    You can also look in the classifieds. There is a BEC .45 listed there that looks really nice. Bob
  16. Good Wood

    Stunning as always.... Thank you for sharing your work. I always look forward you your posts. Bob
  17. A Good Starting Point

    Subscribed. I’m looking forward to the updates and finished project. Bob
  18. First of 12 Colt 1911 Calibers

    Another beautiful piece of functional art. Beautiful work as always. Bob
  19. .45 Shield

    Thanks for the update. Bob
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