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  1. Information on Danvers Fish and Game Club?

    My buddy and I were interested in learning about the Danvers Fish & Game Club, possibly joining immediately. However, two of the numbers listed are out of service and the third is a private line. Does anyone have any contact information or have they gone out of business? Any information would...
  2. Gun Friendly Home Owner's Insurance?

    Hi All. I currently have Amica insurance and made some inquiries about covering my guns and liability. They told me not only will they not provide liability, but they will only cover $2500 in guns. It seems like they are not gun friendly at all. Does anyone have any suggestions for an...
  3. Locations in Eastern MA to buy resin tipped bullets?

    Hi guys, I'm trying to find some resin tipped hollow point ammo for carrying. Ones I've seen that look interesting are the Pow'R Ball, Federal Premium Personal Defense (EFMJ), or something of the like. I've tried Collector's Gallery, Northshore Firearms, and FS, but they didn't even have them...
  4. Questions on insurance for guns

    Okay, so I called Amica insurance about changes to my policies for guns. I had two questions. - First, I wanted coverage for about $12k to cover my guns. - Second, I was interested in liability insurance in the case that, God forbid, I should need protection against someone filling a...
  5. Isn't Red Dawn a great movie?

    I hadn't seen this think in about 15 years....basically had forgotten about it. It is a great flick! Funny thing....the General in charge in the begining knows enough to look for 4473 forms to know where to find the arms. Hmmmm...who else could do that in a times of trouble?
  6. Opinion on Wilson Gun Safe?

    Sorry to bother you guys with this, but nothing came up under google. Does anyone know anything or have an opinion on Wilson gun safes? I found an article that generally recommended certain features (8 gauge body, 1" bolts, etc.). However, all the safes I've seen with 8 gauge or thicker...
  7. Questions on Natural Gas Generators

    Hi folks, my wife and I were considering having a natural gas generator installed. Does anyone have any experience with these? What kinds of costs are we looking at? Should we be concerned about relying on a utility for a generator? Thanks in advance.
  8. IMPORTANT: Denied an LTC-A ALP??? Please send me your letters.

    Hello fellow NES members. Based on some of the responses from representatives at the H.2259 hearing, I am trying to get together a stack of letters that will be presented to the community. Specifically, some reps. felt it was best to leave "suitability" in the hands of the Chief of...
  9. Opinion on Bar-Sto Barrel for Sig P220

    Hi All, I was considering changing the barrel on my Sig P220 in .45 ACP to get tighter groupings and improve accuracy. Bar-Sto was recently recommended on the Shooting USA show. They mention both the semi-drop in and the match barrels. First, does anyone have any experience with the semi-drop...
  10. Very Good Guns Statistics -- Silence your Liberal Friends!

    Hey guys, I just found this online. It is an excellent fact sheet (105 pages) showing how statistics for pro-gun people have either been manipulated or completely fabricated.
  11. Question for Ammo Storage

    Let me run a hypothetical question by you guys. Let's say someone had a good amount of ammo and wanted to keep it in a locked storage container, preferably one that would minimize corrosion. Surplus ammo cans are too small (would need to many) and the same with the Winchester wood ammo boxes...
  12. Any MVGC Officers on NES???

    I forgot to pay my dues before the January deadline. I wanted to head to the range, but need to make a payment and get my keycard re-activated. Unfortunately, all the VM mailboxes are full at the club. Please shoot me a PM and I can meet you anytime at the club. Thanks
  13. Interesting Admission from a Police Officer on "Today"

    I've actually heard this one before, but this morning on the "Today Show" an officer openly admitted on camera... "Drunk driving enforcement is probably one of the only times a police officer is ever going to be able to prevent a homicide or death" I found this very interesting and thought...
  14. Feelings/Experience with the Sig 556 SigSCM???

    Hi Guys, I just picked up a Sig 556 SigSCM in 5.56mm. Anyone have any experience or feelings on this firearm? I bought it new for $1200. Is that a good price? Thanks Kevin
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