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  1. Newbie alert

    if it ships to MA don't advertise it here you do not need a license to bring your gun to nh if the ffl sells it to you, you can own it you can't saw off the barrel on your shotty cat pictures and videos must be restrained to this thread only to avoid backlash: feline thread welcome to NES.
  2. New Member in Milford

    Welcome to NES. Live in Milford & belong to SRGC also. Good luck with the LTC process, we're very green here [grin]
  3. How long to Go Green?

    I wanna say someone posted Derek wasn't around for a couple days? I could be wrong of course.
  4. I'm in the Green

    welcome and congrats
  5. Gone Green

    +1 to you sir, welcome to the forum
  6. Proud to be Green today!

    welcome :)
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