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  1. New Acquisitions for February 2011

    Brand New Glock 30SF Order direct from Glock test fired at factory a week before it got to me
  2. Mass National Guard Soldier Killed

    Hi all Just wanted to pass on this article. A soldier from Mass National Guard was killed today in Afghanistan. Please keep his unit and family in your thoughts and prayers
  3. Moving out of I need to tell anyone

    Looks promising that I will finally be able to escape from this state and move down to Virginia. When/if this does happen, do I need to do anything or tell anyone that my guns are no longer registered in this state? what kind of paper work is needed if any? thanks
  4. New Bedford USPSA Rifle match

    Def think I will be there....with such a busy past and next couple weeks will be nice to have some fun.
  5. New Bedford USPSA Rifle match

    What day? Sunday after Thanksgiving? Where in New Bedford is the range?
  6. Frangible .40 S&W

    Anyone know any deals on getting some frangible .40? Looking for about 800 rounds trying to find the least expensive way to pick some up bulk for training.
  7. Zombie Shoot Oct 31

    Lots of fun!! First time shooting any type of competition. Thanks really great range and staff Def. Worth the drive from Boston I will be back!
  8. FFL needed to build and sell uppers?

    Yeah I just didn't know if the selling of different uppers would be looked as a dealer of sorts
  9. FFL needed to build and sell uppers?

    I know that there are limits on the number of private sales individuals are allowed to do without having an FFL. But I was wondering if there are laws prohibiting building and selling AR upper receivers without an FFL? I enjoy building and working with the AR platform and would like to build...
  10. Zombie Shoot Oct 31

    See you all tomorrow
  11. Trigger Problem.....AR-15

    Update: Called Stag today and explained to them the problem. They were very courteous and apologetic and are sending me the replacement parts this week. Was a very good experience lets just hope the shipping is quick and new parts do the trick
  12. Trigger Problem.....AR-15

    Thanks guys I am going to have to run some more tests to nRrow the problem down. I have been a big fan of this stock trigger, able to run it very very well. Sad to replace it if needed, I have gotten some fast times with it EDIT: Well the disconnector seems to be operating fine, properly...
  13. Trigger Problem.....AR-15

    Quick background on the gun, Stag Model one with stock internals, purchased new in May have put over 2000 rounds down pipe maybe closer to 3 not sure. Clean thoroughly, (i get anal). This past weekend I was at the Sig Sauer Academy for a 2 day advanced rifle course, within my first magazine my...
  14. Found the next gun I want

    Wow that is tiny! nice for a EDC but I still want a 1911 that feels a little like a true Battle Gun that the original was proven to be in WW2
  15. Found the next gun I want

    haha indeed she is I forget now exactly where I found it...I think I just googled "Army Pin Ups" or something of that sort
  16. Found the next gun I want

    Its like everything I've been wanting in a 1911, smaller size, light, comfortable, and sexy. I couldn't stop looking at it and holding it, it took me a while to finally leave the store without it. haha Northeast Trading Company in North Attleboro had it for $900 and change...either 917 or 925...
  17. Found the next gun I want

    Today while shopping for ammo I couldn't help but look at guns as well. I have been wanting a 1911 for a while now and I think I now know exactly which one I want...BAD! [smile] The S&W 1911 Compact ES is absolutely beautiful, with its scandium alloy frame its so light and slim and sexy. Fits...
  18. Zombie Shoot Oct 31

    This looks like a lot of fun! And for me its finally a weekend without conflicts def. want to head down. Who else is going? What you bringing?
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