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  1. Optics, what's your preference for your rifles?

    Can't wait!!
  2. Calling SIG experts, school me pls

    Yep, seems like a good and inexpensive mod from my research so far [thumbsup]
  3. Calling SIG experts, school me pls

    Back from the gun store; Got to handle both 226 & 229 right next to each other. They both felt great and while aesthetically, the 229 got the lead, the 226 felt slightly better in my hand, both in the grip and the weight distribution. As I mentioned I don't intend to carry it (at that...
  4. Calling SIG experts, school me pls

    Thanks for all the feedback guys. I'm gonna have to get a 229 in my hand and compare it to the 226. I probably won't carry it but just in case I suppose
  5. Calling SIG experts, school me pls

    Where have you seen the mags pop up? Here on NES classifieds? - - - Updated - - - Also comments on shooting, trigger, cleaning, known issues?
  6. Calling SIG experts, school me pls

    oh right, sorry I meant to say P226 not 220! Glad to see I was on the right track. I fondled an E2 grip one at Gun Parlor, loved how it felt
  7. Calling SIG experts, school me pls

    Hey folks, looking to get my first sig and thinking the first would be an upgrade from my M&P9, in other words full size 9mm. I was looking at the the 220 226 but I'm open to any other models if better... Thoughts? yay? nay? specific edition vs the other? Also, pre-ban mags, do they exist? can...
  8. Just scored my dream gun! Ruger 480 Alaskan!

    Nice! Congrats!
  9. who else has the gun digest calendar (stutzen jaeger)

    that's a beauty
  10. Ruger SR9c Purchase

    my nicest gun is my 1911 E-Series Smith. ****ing thing is gorgeous and fun to shoot
  11. Ruger SR9c Purchase

    oh boy. Not gonna post what I want to post for fear of ban hammer
  12. Ruger SR9c Purchase

    [rofl] gotcha! I'll start looking for a 2-tone one, everything I own is black on black on black lol
  13. Ruger SR9c Purchase

    Someone sell me one then. I want a new carry.
  14. Ruger SR9c Purchase

    Reading this thread I'm starting to wonder if I should find one of these instead of a shield... you guys are talking abt it like it's a gorgeous 1911 [what?]
  15. Rebuilding a used pistol - M&P9

    Not necessary but if you end up scanning it I'll take a copy. Thx.
  16. Rebuilding a used pistol - M&P9

    Haven't rebuilt an M&P but it's a piece of cake to replace parts in this gun... Just did an Apex kit for mine took me abt 30mins cause I also cleaned everything I took out. Replaced the sear spring, sear & trigger spring.
  17. M1A Socom II prices?

    My buddy just sold his for 2700. Edit: I'm pretty sure it had a bunch of accessories including an EO Tech Sight.
  18. S&W 1911 sub compact pro (new toy)

    inorite [rofl]
  19. WOW a FULL RACK of AR's

    housatonic sounds like a drink or acid pill
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