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  1. 2022 Harvard steel dates

    Great match on Saturday. Well run as always. Thanks
  2. First Tim Kennedy now....
  3. WTB PC Carbine in 40 S&W

    WTB PC carbine in 40 S&W. Looking for a Ruger. No hi-points or kel-tech please.
  4. Woman-shot-after-mans-gun-accidentally-discharges-ohio

    We all know by now there is no such thing as an accidental discharge.
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    pls delete
  8. Maine outfitter

    Guide or outfitter yes. Location does not really matter. I have not picked out area yet. Will go to where a good guide or outfitter/lodge is.
  9. Maine outfitter

    All Doing a deer hunt in Maine this November. Can anyone recommend a outfitter? Did some research, have a new I may use. If anyone has personal experience that would be helpful. thanks.
  10. Braintree Rifle and Pistol Club

    Speaking with a RO recently he told me they are short on RO's. Also check in the large indoor range. They hang in there sometimes.
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  12. Help with Weymouth....

    I did my renewal last year. It took a while with all the covid stuff. Weymouth PD now issue no restrictions LTC. My previous two had restrictions hunting and sport I believe. New Chief took over 01 January 2020 and they now issue full LTC.
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