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  1. SR 22 for CCW

    i've had the dubious privilege of meeting the man in person (he's a "friend" of a friend). he is a bit of an asshat: when i first met him, he told us he was back from a deployment. eventually conversation revealed that meant he was back from basic training and AIT for the national guard, where...
  2. SR 22 for CCW

    i know it's cruel, but knowing that i helped contribute to this gives me a warm fuzzy feeling. also this:
  3. SR 22 for CCW

    ok, this guy has been to basic AND AIT, not to mention FIVE FREAKIN YEARS of "Private Security" experience. when he talks, you know people listen.
  4. Utah right to bear arms enforced in class

    simply stating that people are safer when civilians carry guns does not make the threat of a confused police officer go away. law enforcement shooting a ccw-carrier who is responding to an active shooter is a legitimate concern, the question is what do you do to resolve it? do you restrict...
  5. Trijicon ACOG : Which one?

    this is entirely subjective, based on my experience alone: i've seen multiple TA01 ACOGs break, but my TA01NSN has been abused unreasonably, and i haven't been able to break it yet. just my observations, YMMV.
  6. S&W 1911ES finish wear

    i've also got one mag that came with the ES and FTF's the last round, but more that 50% of the time.
  7. Has anyone stumbled across this wackjobs youtube posts before

    thanks for that. say good-bye to vending machines in MA. as for 'almost being killed three times by law-abiding gun nuts,' so they were law abiding when they were trying to kill him? he's (accidentally) saying that guns are more likely to be used in lawful self defense than in illegal violence.
  8. Locktite on eotechs?

    quick release mount, plus 550 cord it to the weapon system.
  9. Guy with 300 guns in house gets robbed- too many guns?

    better shot is not necessarily true, but i'd say certainly better equipped to give someone a hard time.
  10. Military Budget Cuts

    anti-military sentiment typically comes from 'i don't think killing is good, so it must be unnecessary in the natural order of things. we should stop paying people to kill.' i find it amusing that having the luxury of that attitude is predicated on having a military to protect you in the...
  11. Another Wife and Guns Thread

    oops! looks like i was taken too literally on this one.
  12. Another Wife and Guns Thread

    Every time i find a new gun that i 'need' (and there's always 'just one more, and then i won't buy another for a while'), my wife looks into it, and says 'that looks nice. let's get one.' how do i get my wife to be the voice of reason and say 'no we can't eat beans and rice for a month so...
  13. OK - Woman Shoots 2 Intruders In Head, Killing 1

    speaking of screwdrivers, i wonder how the boyfriend fared. two guys with screwdrivers could do some damage pretty quickly.
  14. OK - Woman Shoots 2 Intruders In Head, Killing 1

    or sent in with pliers to get her first one back.
  15. Why Do I Need a Rifle? by Larry Mudgett (Gunsite)

    i think the only problem in there is that these sheeple will be voting to make you less scary. i do think at least semi-organized neighbors with guns is important in surviving some sort of end of the world event. a single house, well defended, is still pretty vulnerable in the long term. a...
  16. The "Liberal: argument for gun control -Not very liberal at all

    if guns are the root of violence, prison must be a pretty safe place.
  17. Ron Paul: US gun laws aid Somali pirates

    are we done talking about pirates here? i find the idea of bringing back letters of mark and reprisal very interesting, possibly the second best solution i've heard (the best being allowing ships to defend themselves.)
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