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  1. Hunting Snapping Turtles in Boston (Frog Pond)?????

    Fried Snapping Turtle Recipe | eHow
  2. MSN reports 36 killed in knife gang attacks China police station.

    From what Ive read over the last few years concerning the government sponsored Han oppression of the Uighurs, Muslim or not,China is finally reaping what they have sown. Seems as though this bunch of Uighurs had enough. Im not ready to give the Chinese the benefit of doubt in this or any other...
  3. Defense Distributed Shut Down by DOD

    Well, this is at least still available on the 'net if you want to make a gun out of a piece of wood, some galvanized pipe or conduit and a rubber band.....
  4. Tough day for Diane Feinstein and moms jeans obama

    The unfathomable butthurt taking place on sites like demunderground is priceless.
  5. Real life scenario and reprecussions

    This has already been covered... You have to stick him with your killey knife first then yell "Drop it" and shoot at the same time.
  6. A friend of a friend got a call from BATF regarding his off-list purchase

    I want to take this a step further. What if they show up at your place of business, which you own and has a variety of "thresholds"?

    Went in last week for my renewal. They told me it should be ready by the time my present LTC expires in July.
  9. Creative ideas for targets

    Last time one of the boys and I went shooting we used large quahog and sea clam shells. They worked great. Hit them right and they shatter with a good puff of white dust. Bio-friendly too.
  10. best time to go striper fishing

    Around here the local lore says that it is time to start bass fishing when the cherry trees bloom. It isnt exact but pretty darn close.
  11. Mass Senate Bill 767 Right to sue for perceived animal abuse

    A few years ago I caught a nosy distant PETA loving neighbor in my back yard because the "poor little doggy" was tied on her run and barking. I told that bitch ( the neighbor) to stay put while I let the poor doggy loose so she could find out how much the doggy appreciated her efforts while I...
  12. No more hesitation law enforcement targets

    Huh. Looking at those targets made me realize something. All white people.
  13. Edumacate me on crossbows

    Ive got a Parker crossbow that has served me well for three years. Ive shot plenty of deer with it . Havent had an arrow that didnt pass completely through yet, at any angle or distance. One thing to consider is that string replacement is not easy on the compound crossbows. String replacement...
  14. Colorado Gun restrictions pass house

    That's just plain dumb.
  15. Wow, this ex-cop has really gone crazy

    I think they just searched one of those Smart cars.
  16. Wow, this ex-cop has really gone crazy

    So what happens when a driver has a couple elbows of medical bud in his trunk when they open it?
  17. Wow, this ex-cop has really gone crazy

    I would be bummin' if I was a big African American guy in that roadblock.
  18. Wow, this ex-cop has really gone crazy

    I hope there are no dogs in any of those vehicles..
  19. Handgun in MRI suite shuts down imaging center

    Last time I went for an MRI they wouldnt let me go through with it due to buckshot fragments in my skull and scalp. I told them that the fragments are lead and copper which are not attracted to magnets but they still wouldnt let me have the MRI.
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