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  1. CT: Smoke pot, lose guns, period. Here's the officlal letter. Can MA be far behind?

    Here's what I'd like to do. Get as many people together and wait outside the bars, restaurants or where ever that alcohol drinking politician is having there liquid lunch and wait for them to exit the establishment and do a citizens arrest for being under the influence of alcohol once they start...
  2. Worcester Gun Dealer Agrees to End Illegal Firearm Sales

    Hmmmmmm, now I have to ban those types of hand guns to.
  3. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to my family The NorthEastShooters.
  4. Anybody else happy marijuana is legal in MA?

    So after Dec.15 2016 we can legally grow cannabis. I wonder how long it will be before we see a Karma for a cannabis plant or an ounce of the green stuff since you can give up to an ounce to someone for free.
  5. Applying for LTC with significant other

    Unless they were born about the same time of the year they may have a little room for delays.
  6. The Parents Of This Dead Robber Are Really Mad His Victim Had A Gun

    The parents are pissed because they have to pay an extra $50 to have the hole in his head plugged so they can have an open casket.
  7. Lets see your "oddball" collection!

    It's not that old and not that pretty but I did get this for the cost of repairs which was about $75. and I guess you can say it's rare. It's a NEF .32 H&R MAG. Lady Ultra made in Gardner Ma.
  8. What the heck is my SKS!?!?

    It does have a nice radar serial number.
  9. PVFNRA 31 Guns in 31Days Raffle (One Day left)

    I'm in again this year, PP sent and thanks for doing this.
  10. “Great Kid” Killed While Committed Home Invasion Pretending To Be Police

    They're welcoming him now as one of the greatest kids in Hell.
  11. New Hampshire non resident c.c permint

    I guess things have slowed down in getting them back compared to four year ago. Mine came within a week to ten days and I received it before the check even cleared.
  12. Hillary's new fashion craze - Her Earpiece

    The problem is there's no cork in the other ear so everything she hears goes through one ear and out the other.
  13. Do you wear your sidearm while driving?

    If I'm not going to carry in my car I might as well not carry at all.
  14. Two schools of thought: Where do you put your safe?

    Gun safes in the living room. Ammo safe upstairs and it's safely locked. Keys are hidden down cellar somewhere. Large German Shepard supplies the time to get the key to run upstairs and get some ammo then run back to the living room and open the safe, load the gun, run to where the dogs barking...
  15. What's growing well in your garden?

    I'm on my way to get me some gold from a hen. Over 9ft tall and just ready to bloom.
  16. log out

    Thanks so much for the info, I owe you one.
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