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  1. Pump action AR

    Anyone seen this before?
  2. Ammo by Planters???

    Just saw this...figured I would see what people think.
  3. Croatian AK mags...anyone use them?

    Big online surplus shop(are we still not naming names for the Anti Narcs?) has new 30rd Croatian AK mags for $10. Has anyone bought or used these...if you did were they okay?
  4. Bill Maher: Self hating Libertarian?

    nice stance on the militarization of local police...
  5. Another attack on the Grid???

    Stock up on candles and batteries...
  6. Malaysian Govt. questioning know Al-Qaeda terrorists about missing planes location.
  7. Obama Admin taking Apache gunships away from National Guard units

    Would this have anything to do with them being exceptionally handy for taking out MRAP type vehicles?
  8. SBR Loophole?

    ATF confirms it is legal to shoulder fire an AK/AR pistol with the Sig arm brace from the shoulder.
  9. Middle school field trip to....Shooting Range???

    quick poll...hell freezes over or this happen's in MA?
  10. 9 mm AK coming to America? Imagining it's place in the safe right now...or maybe wait for a .45?
  11. 18 y.o. moves out due to parents rules, sues parents for support

    this story is why the whats the difference between a Lawyer and a bucket of shit joke so funny...
  12. "thick" Midwest girl pickup picture

    Someone posted a pic of a typical Midwest girl in a post recently...could you post it again...Have a friend who wants to know my type. Thanks
  13. Do we really need to bother the Sister Wives Ok...I have to comment on this. I have watched this show and from what I can see this family is...
  14. Any Nashua area clubs taking members?

    I have been looking online for a club around Nashua(whatever shows up when you Google Nashua shooting ranges) and they all seem to be capped and at capacity. I have been up here about a year and shooting at Manchester Firing Line but between the waiting, the cost are prohibitive and it lacks...
  15. Another bath salt zombie....#afloridaman

    running around crazed? yup...super human strength? yup... Tazer has no effect? yup...Eating human flash? yup.
  16. The Post Office is stockpiling Ammo?

    ​ I know Alex Jones is a Tin Hat...but WTF?
  17. Army is back at it in Pheonix...Urban Training, Black Helo's

    They are back at it... Did a thread search and saw nothing on if it"s in some remote page or mentioned in another thread but not this exact story keep the "Dupe" crap to yourself.
  18. Google barges or prison ships?

    I have been looking into the supposed Google barges and they seem to make less and less sense. The popular story is they are going to be floating showrooms/date centers for Google Glass...but here is what makes me doubt that. 1. they are horrible ugly. Everything Google does, especially...
  19. 60 Minutes...Benghazi a cover up, Obama lied.
  20. Local Marine Col. DHS building an army

    sorry if its a Dupe,,,checked 5 pages
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