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  1. 1911A1

    Found this on another forum: Remaining Government Stock of WWII M1911’s Handguns to Be Sold Off to The Public….. NEWS Aug 17, 2015 The upcoming National Defense Authorization Act that passed committee includes a plan to transfer the U.S. Army’s remaining stock of .45 ACP 1911A1 pistols...
  2. How to defend free speech. Paris Terrorist Attack
  3. Lt. Eric F. Wood

    This will take a few minutes to read but well worth it. Never heard of his action until now. The 70th Anniversary of Eric Fisher Wood's Private War - - - Updated - - - Sorry links is not working...
  4. I Drang Valley 28 years later

    Hope this is not a dupe. For all that saw the movie "We Were Soldiers Once and Young" this video shows what really happened. The movie comes to a Hollywood ending and everything is over when in fact the movie only shows half of what actually happened. Anybody who has read the book knows what I...
  5. The Millers were LVPD snitches

    Blog: Sipsey Street Irregulars Post: Harry Reid's creatures? Now it is becoming clearer. Las Vegas police blamed the Bundys to disguise their own culpability regarding the Millers. The Millers were LVPD snitches. Link...
  6. Threats to CT. Police escalate

    Threats to CT Police Escalate Following CT Cop’s Gun Confiscation Comments – Cops Ask Pro-Gun Veteran to Help Cool Things Down...
  7. Ukrainians Arm Themselves

    Blog: Sipsey Street Irregulars Post: "Ukrainians Want to Arm Themselves to the Teeth." Link:
  8. New York SP Receive Their Notice

    Blog: Sipsey Street Irregulars Post: An Open Letter to the Men and Women of the New York State Police. The Deadline Approaches. What do you intend to do? Link:
  9. Ct. State Police Receive Their Notice

    Blog: Sipsey Street Irregulars Post: An Open Letter to the Men and Women of the Connecticut State Police: You are NOT the enemy (UNLESS YOU CHOOSE TO BE.) Link:
  10. Mike Lawlor FIA Russia Ct. Gun Owners

    Blog: Sipsey Street Irregulars Post: My letter to the Russian Embassy regarding Mike Lawlor. Link:
  11. Mike Lawlor Letter #3 Ct. Firearm Owners

    Blog: Sipsey Street Irregulars Post: My Third Open Letter to Mike Lawlor: The Depraved Indifference of the "Prison Commissar" & The Subversive Uses of the "Wretched of the Earth." Link:
  12. Second Letter to Mike Lawlor

    Blog: Sipsey Street Irregulars Post: My Second Open Letter to Mike Lawlor -- On "Nightcrawlers" and Treason Played for Laughs. We've already established that you are willing to sell out your country. Now we're just haggling about the price. Link...
  13. NRA Video, GOOD SHOOT

    I for one would leave the blood stains where they are, just for effect. (plus concrete just looks drab)
  14. Purple Heart Info

    I just read an article about a "home invasion" which resulted in the theft of a Purple Heart. My question is this: Are all Purple Hearts engraved with the recipients name on the back? My grandfather received a Purple Heart during WWI and his name is engraved on the back.
  15. CMP Updates

    Received a CMP update regards ordering of Garand parts. Appears someone has been trying to by up all the parts at once, anyone else get this?
  16. Interesting Press Conference reagards Benghazi

    Trey Gowdy press conference on Benghazi
  17. Knockout Game Victim shoots back

    Did not see this posted sorry if repeat. Intended Knockout Game victim shoots back
  18. F35B New Tech.

    Is our military technology amazing, or what… F 35B Landing On USS Wasp This video link is fresh (for the public). It was made just six weeks ago in the Atlantic, just off Newport News ( Hampton Roads), Virginia. These are the latest sea trials of the F-35B on the USS Wasp...
  19. Rep Nare Bells

    So liberals can hope and pray a right winger was responsible but its not ok for a Republican to make a comment the other way. (sorry if a dupe) Rep. Nate Bell apologizes after tweet gets national attention |
  20. Benghazi, Libya

    Here is something that I find interesting. This story does not get a lot of attention because it may (will) open a whole can of worms at some point. SOS at CPAC: "Where is Admiral Gaouette?" and "Where is the Benghazi CBA" New organization of former U.S. Special Operations officers issues...
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