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  1. Sporting clays on the cape

    I will be down on the cape for a bachelor party in early September. Most of the boys are going to play golf Saturday morning, and since I do not play golf I was wondering if there was any place to shoot some sporting clays on Saturday morning? The house we are renting is located in West Yarmouth...
  2. Tobacco Pipe

    Thinking about getting a pipe, never smoked one before. I smoke cigars regularly. Not sure where to start. Any help would be great.
  3. Leicester Rod & Gun Club Sporting clays

    Their website says they sporting clay's starting April 15 but that where the info ends. Anybody have any more details, time cost Etc????
  4. HELP Shotgun Tube Sets

    Have an chance to purchase a browning over under that comes with a set of briley tubes to change the gauge. Don't know much about tubes any help you guys can give me would be a big help. Thanks Badluck
  5. Skeet chokes

    Going to be shooting some skeet in the next couple weeks. Just wondering what you guys recomend for chokes for skeet. I have a O/U, and I have guys say just to run skeet in both barrels. But I figured there would be some knowledgable guys on here that could help me out. Thanks Guys
  6. Worcester - LTC A, Restrictions: None

    Picked it up today......................IT CAN BE DONE.
  7. LTC A Renewal Worcester

    Going for my LTC A renewal in Worcester on Wed. Had a LTC A All lawful purposes since I was 21 (about 12 years now) Can't wait for my new restriction! Yea Massachusetts!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Ruger 10/22 Scope

    Picking up a 10/22 in a few days. Just wondering what you guys are running for scopes on your rifles???? Thanks Badluck
  9. .22 Conversion For Glock

    Just wondering if you guys had any experience with any of the kits that are out there now. Which brands seem to work best? What the fit and finish looks like? Pors and cons?? Thanks BadLuck
  10. Gloucester MA Surfcasting

    I will be working in Gloucester MA for the summer, staying local for the week. Can anyone recomend a good surf casting spot? All so any tips on what gear to bring or run would be helpful all so. Thanks Bad Luck
  11. Trijicon For CQB AR

    Thinking about getting Trijicon for latest CQB AR build any suggestions on models I should be looking at. BadLuck
  12. Reloading Equip 4 sale on Craigslist

    If anyone is intrested
  13. KNS Anti Rotation Pins

    Thinking about getting a set of these for my Delaware lower build. Any one use these? All so how do I know what size to get? Thanks Badluck
  14. .50 Beowulf or .458 Socom AR

    Thinking about building a .50 Beowulf or .458 Socom AR. Any one every put one of these together? Is there an advantage to one or the other? Any tips, tricks or advice would be greatly appreciated. Bad13Luck
  15. AR Scope

    Looking for a scope to put on my ar sniper project. any thoughts?
  16. .22 AR

    Thinking about building one of these, what happens in the lower? are all the changes in the upper? Is it better to buy a dedicated upper for this? I'm sure I will have more questions but this will get me started. Thanks Bad13Luck
  17. Blade Tech

    Any one have or use one of Blade Techs paddle holsters???
  18. Worcester LT-A

    Just moved to Worcester, anybody have any experience with renewing a LTC-A?
  19. Scope

    I am currently setting up a Remington 700 in .308 for some long distance shooting. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good scope? Mike
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