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  1. Confused

    Same here. Not sure what is different. I guess I'll wait until 4/27 to renew.
  2. Dude got swatted in Reading today

    If he were transporting and there were not appropriate N95 masks over the muzzles, things would have gotten REAL ugly![rofl]
  3. Gun Stores Can Open

    Even from beyond the grave, Reagan still has power!! This is good news. Now, onto opening the ranges!
  4. Court tosses NY case that could have expanded gun rights

    It would be interesting if there was a amicus brief on the judicial proceedings behind a dismissal. Normally a case that makes it to the USSC doesn't get dismissed because 'someone signed it in crayon' (if you know what I mean). So the brief or decision must have had some more pertinent basis on...
  5. Baker Supports Use of Terrorist Watch List to Control Gun Rights

    They will find a way to blame G. W. Bush - it's only a matter of time. "Never take credit for your mistakes. Find someone else and make them to blame."
  6. Baker Supports Use of Terrorist Watch List to Control Gun Rights

    Yeah... I am agreeing with you. WTF Hellhole of Taxachusetts!
  7. UV-5R

    The menus can be a PITA, but so can the USB. I tried reading my programmed stations from memory and it consistently failed (sometimes immediately, other times almost 1/5 of the way through). The radio works great (just got off the Skywarn net), but reading and updating the memory can be a challenge.
  8. UV-5R

    I got 2 UV-5R's. One came from China. They work pretty well in Simplex. They are nice compact radios. I keep one in my pocket when I am out and about and usually have it hooked to my mobile rig.
  9. Antenna question...

    I have a Kenwood TM-V71. The antenna is fully extended, no ground as it is an internal antenna.
  10. Antenna question...

    I have a quick question. I have a telescoping BNC antenna on my base. I moved the base slightly (less than 2 feet) and extended the antenna fully (about 2 meters up). I get signals on my Kenwood (running through a PL-259 to BNC RA adapter), however they are all garbled on 2m. Any ideas? I...
  11. M-type antenna adapter for a Kenwood

    I got it at HRO but I had another bad experience.
  12. Anyone ever get a welcome msg sent to them?

    Sounds like a random QSO. That happens. So don't QSL.
  13. M-type antenna adapter for a Kenwood

    In case any of you are interested: You can either use a UHF-16-DGN (right-angle) or a UHF-19 (straight) adapter. UHF-16-DGN ($5.95) UHF-19 ($6.99) Plus shipping ($9.95).
  14. M-type antenna adapter for a Kenwood

    I think I found what I am looking for.
  15. help programming radio

    The Baofeng works well when you program it via the computer. However I am still trying to make sure it can hit the repeaters and have them signal back. I have the offset right but it usually reports back static (crackle) when it answers. I checked my RD and it agrees I programmed it correctly...
  16. Lightning Protection

    What about driving 8' copper wire at each leg of the mast? I know copper is expensive.
  17. M-type antenna adapter for a Kenwood

    Hey, I am looking to see if any of you guys out there know where I could get an M-type adapter to a BNC-F for my Kenwood. I have a TM-V71A. I thought maybe an N-type would work but it won't. I also took a look at AES in Ohio and HRO but neither seem to have them. A Google search didn't turn up...
  18. Portable HAM

    Try Herbert "Cal" Calvitto at HRO Salem. Good guy.
  19. Portable HAM

    Tri-band? I just got the TM-V71A which is dual 2m/70cm mobile. I have a Baofeng HT already (rigged into the car already). I am waiting on an N-type adapter and a 12V T-type power adapter. And a programming cable.
  20. Portable HAM

    Oh God Ed. I feel for you. Go online and try there. I need to learn to say "I'm all set, thank you" when he comes around and go to another sales guy. HRO is great but Peter...MEH. I could do a better job if I was still having trouble adding 2 and 2...
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