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  1. U.S. Supreme Court Gun Ruling Leads to New Massachusetts Bill

    From the Federalist
  2. Mass shooter: 0 Armed bystander: 1 Media: -1

    You would think so, if you're a rational human. [banghead] <blockquote class="twitter-tweet"><p lang="en" dir="ltr">Then: Good guys with a gun stopping an active shooting is a myth <br><br>Now: Armed active shooting stoppers are actually bad <a...
  3. Anyone else having issues not showing logged in on some threads?

    Is that Kamala masquerading as you? [puke2]
  4. Thought I'd do you guys a favor and post this firearm cleaning video. Very instructional

  5. Gun Confiscation Coming in Virginia

    Pic is courtesy of TWAW
  6. Bullets Both Ways

    Evan and his group are the real deal. [halfmast] BULLETS BOTH WAYS | Our Mission
  7. NRA shows signs of decline, even in Trump’s America

    I also pay my dues & question. Yes, they could be better. I wonder how much money the NRA wastes in mailing "Last chance offer to renew" many months before they're actually due & giving away "gifts" that few want.
  8. Dog Shot in Norton

    That miserable beast killed a beautiful Black & Tan Coonhound for being himself? May he burn. [devil2]
  9. SOLVED-FNC programming, DST early?

    Come to find out, Spectrum/Charter has two channel listings for FNC, one of which is HD & programming runs on time, the first one is SD and is still running an hour delayed. (I'm new to this cable thing) I cancelled Directv because AT&T decided to hose me and would not honor promotions I had...
  10. SOLVED-FNC programming, DST early?

    Since yesterday (10-6), FNC programming has been an hour delayed. I wonder if their time system got hacked or they just mistakenly started DST a month early. Anyone else have the same thing happen? I logged on here to get blow by blow happenings for Justice confirmation. Thanks to you guys for...
  11. David Hogg coming to town (and S&W plant)

    They went Route 9 and then 67 to 20. I saw 4 "adult" women at 1:45 in West Warren laughing & giggling (50 mile Tee shirts) over their tablets and phones. They came in for a pit stop then got in their cars, one had an RV, and take off. Someone came in around 2:30 or so & said he saw a handful of...
  12. Moral quandary.

    There is also: snooze, delete post from timeline and the best is: Security = Friends only, no friends of friends ever! I have mostly family, with just a few well chosen friends. Some of them are batty as hell, but I ignore those posts or hide them from my timeline. If they bother me too much...
  13. Gun belts for beltless pants?

    Mea Culpa Sir, I was blindsided by all the man bad. :emoji_performing_arts:
  14. Gun belts for beltless pants?

    First of all love, he would have to prove he's a woman to join MWGO. [dance][rofl]
  15. Great video by Kirsten Joy Weiss about civil rights and freedom

    Thank you for posting this. I not only cried, but I also shared it on my f/b page. [iwojima]
  16. Texas church shooting Hero

    Saw this last night and thought it was great.
  17. Small Business Owner in MA under attack by antis - please help!

    I just finished entering the ring and threw some verbal punches and reported others. What those bullies are doing goes against everything I believe in. Keep on Keep'n on. [iwojima]
  18. Olympic biathalon

    Great coverage choices of 2018 Olympic Biathlon on YouTube, like watching it on my laptop or tv (smart).
  19. AZ woman shoots above hubby's head while he's in the br because he won't listen

    Oh, yeah? Really? Well, I'm sure it will work out. :D:D:D[rofl][dance]
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