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  1. She is done! Finally!

    Been waiting a while on this build! Post war Czech 98 w/ original scope and repro(from Austria) bases. She is one sweet shooter. I had a Smith in Pa. do her correctly.
  2. Build for my son

    Figured this would heat it up a bit. OK, here we are. I ordered the Stock, I ordered the new bolt handle, I ordered the scope, bases and rings. The scope is Philippine w/ Japanese glass. I have the same scope on a rifle, have for 16 years. Also have an AO version on my .17HMR in a slightly...
  3. Need a good Smith

    I have a miss matched M38 1943 Husqvarna Swede that I want to have built into a Rifle for my middle son. Still want to keep it 6.5x55. Bore is good, not great. Need the bolt bent as it has a CG M96 bolt in it, new stock, pillar bedded, and drilled and tapped for Weaver bases. I want to keep...
  4. Please read and submit

    This only takes a second.
  5. Stupid Milsurp issues

    We should start a thread! 1. Always load a Mauser to the mag well and cycle the bolt! I see more threads w/ people trying to cram a round w/o feeding from the mag.
  6. New build!

    DOU stamped VZ24 Intrim pics!
  7. .308 Prvi SPBT bullets

    I was given a few from a guy that has sold all his .308 bore rifles. I loaded them up w/ IMR4064 for my .308 HB. They were friggin' awesome. I used my normal 165gr load. I was at a pit and shooting 12ga hulls at 100 yards, no bench, just a harris bi-pod. I found them at Graf. 500 are $94.70...
  8. Now 2 more NH Hunters

    Since NH has a 5 round max on mags for hunters, I have had to sideline a few rifles. I just received 2- 5 round steel Cetme mags from Samco, $6.95 each. I also had bought a couple 5 round .223 AK mags since nothing was availible for 5.45. Guess what, they have the same follower as my Bulgarian...
  9. Holsters

    FYI, Numrich has surplus holsters on the cheap. I ordered a German soft P38 for 17.90 and a E.German Mokerov for $9.70. The E. german one is in new condition. Both are leather. They have them for most pistols in a number of configurations.
  10. Cetme stuff

    Bought 2 5 round steel mags and a canvas Scoped HK G3 bag today. Now I can hunt w/ it! I also grabbed 240 rounds of GP11. Small things make me smile!![smile]
  11. Tapco polymer mag

    Has anyone tried the Tapco polymer mags? I picked up a few, they were $14.00 per 30 rounder. They fit tight and take a good smack to seat.
  12. Sent to local Rep.

    This happened today!! My fox hound was looking out the window today. She started flipping out! I figured it was a Korean couple that she seems to hate walking down the street. After few minutes a cruiser parks across the street an the female officer is looking at something. I've had it w/ my...
  13. Optics/scopes

    Why are civilian optics such a pain in the @ss. Military scopes are at zero at 100 meters and are set for 100/150/200/250/300/350.... Why can't anyone make a system that does not require a calculator in the field to use effectively? I can zero a 1937 German Ajack at 100 meters. Go to the...
  14. Tapco G2 Ak trigger sale

    I have one and love it! Tapco G2 Single and Double Hooks.. This group has been modified for assembly outside of the gun to make it easy to drop into place in the rifle. It is US made and it contains the hammer, a single hook trigger, Disconnector, and bushing. This trigger group has a 3.5-4...
  15. Yugo Stamp help, 24/47

    I am stumped!! Any idea? Cyrillic looks to be Macedonian.
  16. .30 carbine ammo and mags

    Anyone looking for some, here is a link.
  17. Hot spot tomorrow!

    Gonna hit the hot spot my buddy and I started scouting last year. I'm going to use my 1943 Husqvarna 9.3x57 rifle w/ open sights. I think a 286gr Norma alaska bullet should do the trick in the thick. I'll get 150 yards out of her if I need to. Sights are Express sights set for 150 yards, but at...
  18. 8x57

    I was doing a short inventory. I found an extra 8x57 Romanian and Turkish ammo I had forgot about. If anyone needs any, send me a PM. I'm sitting on over 2000 rounds. I have to find a way to organize it all!!
  19. Glock G32 and others

    I went shooting today w/ some friends. One had a G32 in .357sig. That handgun had a long trigger pull. Barrel jump was substantal also. I hate to say it but I outshot the owner at 15 yards. 13 shots in a 12" target. I still like my Sigs better. The Glock was accurate enough, and I could handle...
  20. Birthday coming..

    My youngest turns 10 in a few weeks. He loves to shoot, but has issues w/ the legnth of pull, weight, and seeing the sights(scopes) clearly on most .22's. I bought him a IMC2 1985 made 1969 trainer .22 bolt Rifle. Nice light rifle w/ 25,50, and 100 meter leaf rear sight. It has been sitting in...
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