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  1. WTB Remington 700 action

    Iso Remington 700 308 bolt face or similar short action to start a new build.
  2. WTT Sold

    Weymouth/Holbrook days weekends
  3. WTS Forster Case Trimmer

    Forster Case Trimmer 22 &30 cal pilots Chip basket $70 Weymouth
  4. WTS Hornady 50gr ZMax

    $25 /100 Shipping available
  5. Replacement shoulder rig

    I need to replace my old nylon Bagmaster shoulder rig that has served me well while riding. Bagmaster dont seem to be in bus anymore Whos a good mfg
  6. Midway USA Essential Business

    MidwayUSA is an Essential Business! We are open and shipping as fast as we can! COVID-19 has impacted nearly every person and business around the world. MidwayUSA is no exception. Order volume has increased dramatically and we’re doing everything possible to process and ship orders quickly...
  7. Dating a rifle for resale value

    How would I determine the value of an LR308 if I dont know its DOM ? I called Panther Arms to find out. And was told that with no alpha prefix He couldnt look up the serial number. Does that make it old preban? Can I advertise it as a pre ban unit ? Would preban increase the value significantly?
  8. Need a new smith

    Ive got an extraction problem on a bolt rifle and need a new smith, so shore would be nice
  9. ISO a rifle smith

    Need to find a smith for an inspection on the so shore would be nice
  10. Which Rifle Would You Pick For Long Distance

    Which rifle would you use for long distance shooting? Say 600 meters And why? DPMS LR308 HB, Nikon Monarch M1A1 NM, Nikon Monarch 03A3 (iron/ bolt) Browining Medilst (bolt) Nikon Monarch
  11. Need a smith for my 11-87

    I have a failure to feed problem with my Remington 11-87. And want to find a smith locally before I send it it back to Remington. Seems the elevator floor plate wont raise the shell up to be chambered. Know anyone, on the South Shore maybe?
  12. M4 Buffer spring length

    Does a collapsible stock use a shorter spring than a pinned stock? I'm having trouble determining the correct length buffer spring for my M4. I have 3 different length springs.
  13. Glock Recall

    sorry if this is already posted....... GLOCK, Inc. is voluntarily replacing the recoil spring assembly (RSA) on its new Gen4 pistols, with the exception of G26 and G27, to ensure all Gen4s perform up to GLOCK demanding specficiations...
  14. Ct. Gun Laws

    I plan on hunting in Ct. this season, do I need a non resident gun permit?
  15. RRA FCG

    Found a good deal on a RRA 2 stage comp trigger($94 shipped). It seems no lighter than my original stag arms,will it lighten up?
  16. Single stage vs two stage

    I hate the stock trigger on my Stag and want to replace it. I'm will be using it on the range only. I have always used and like a two stage on my hunting rifles. What are the pro's and con's of single vs two stage and which mfg to look at for value? Steve
  17. Explosion And Fire At NH Gun Factory Kills 2
  18. Downloadable FA10's

    From GOAL,
  19. Barrel Threading

    Who can/will thread a barrel so I can have a brake added? Steve
  20. Dual Purpose Shotgun

    I'm looking at a new shotgun. Been considering a Rem 1100. I would like to try some bird shooting as well as for deer with a barrel swap. Don't know if I want iron or scope or maybe a red dot? I have found used guns for 325-375, but with different barrels. So I would have to buy...
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