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  1. New Purchase i

    What is need in the state to buy a new rifle. I've just moved into the state, and haven't switched my drivers license/registration. Does a dealer need proof of residency? Can utility bill or tax bill work?
  2. Moving to RI

    I'm moving to RI at the end of the month. Has anyone had any experience turning there MA LTC to a non resident? I still own investment property's in MA. It seems the process for getting a LTC in RI is a but difficult. Any advice? Once I transfer my vehicle registration, and have resisted in RI...
  3. Burrillville CCW

    Anyone have any experience with Burrillville issuing CCW permits? I'm thinking about buying a home there.
  4. Non Leathal Options i.e. Mace

    I would like to get my girl mace because she is working second shift for the time being. I know it’s a restricted FID. My question is when she fills out the application at the police station, how long does it take for it to come in? What mace or pepper spray options are currently available in...
  5. anterless tags?

    Can they be bought over the counter or a westboro? I missed the lotto
  6. Leaving MA soon….

    If all goes well, I may be leaving MA in the near future to attend grad school in either Virginia or West Virginia. I would be leaving right after X-Mas, and December graduation; Im leaning toward West Virginia because my job can transfer there and they pay more money *(ODDLY). AS far as gun...
  7. National Guard OCS

    I was reading there are three national guard OCS options: State OCS, National Guard Bureau Accelerated OCS, and federal OCS. Anyone ever go to OCS? Any thoughts?
  8. Fishing tackle

    What do you guys use for bass in small weedy ponds?
  9. Lead .40 S+w

    What brand of ammo makes LEAD .40 S+w? What shop sells it? Can i shoot lead out of a Smith and wesson MP 40? Thanks.
  10. 500 J.I.C.™ (Just In Case) Shotguns

    JIC™ 500® Cruiser® kit includes: 500® Cruiser® 12 gauge pump-action, 6-round capacity, 18-1/2” barrel, bead sight, blued metal finish Waterproof Survival Kit-In-A-Can, containing the necessities to keep you going when an emergency strikes Floating synthetic carrying-tube with shoulder...
  11. Gun and Ammo Shop For Sale providence Business #: NEHZ98FS Year Established: Reason Selling: owner moving to Florida pursuing political career Growth/Expansion: Build a website. More business hours. The owner currently only runs the shop about 7 hours a day...
  12. Now they are after Paintballers in Connecticut

    General Assembly Raised Bill No. 825 January Session, 2009 LCO No. 2836 *02836_______PS_* Referred to Committee on Public Safety and Security Introduced by: (PS ) AN ACT CONCERNING PAINTBALL SAFETY. Be it enacted by the Senate and House of Representatives in General...
  13. Traveling with guns

    Tomorrow night at 0100 I will be leaving for Virginia and West Virginia until Thursday. My question is: Can I bring a hand gun with me for protection. I will be doing a lot of driving in very unfamiliar areas. I will have to go threw New York and New Jersey. I was thinking of...
  14. Rock Island Armory 1911

    What shops sells the Rock Island Armory 1911? Where are they price wise? Are they worth the money?
  15. NH Out of state LTC

    Where/How do I apply for a out of state NH LTC?
  16. shotgun stink!

    I cleaned my 1100 for the up and coming weeks, and it smells like oil. Is there a brand of oil that is sent free? What can I do to get the stink out of it?
  17. Deer season dates

    My abstract states that bow season ends on the 22, and then shotgun season starts in 12/1-12/15, and then black powder till 12/31. IS there a miss print, or is there no hunting from 11/22-12/1?
  18. Gun sales I hope all these "customers" voted McCain/Palin.
  19. Gun Value

    I have a Like new Smith and Wesson 4566 TSW, with box, papers and 3 mags. I used it twice since last summer. Id like to trade it in for another 1911.What’s it worth? Four seasons has one listed for 799.95. Can I expect the same amount if I try to trade it in
  20. Pumped 1 1/2 days..

    for MA archery deer Opening day!! New camo yes New stand yes Broadheads sharp yes Bow sighted in yes spot picked yes Deer infornt of my sights...... *
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