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  1. WTS ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne with Back Rest

    I bought this as a seat for when I play guitar. I have another stool I like better so I'm selling this one. Its basically brand new. I live on the South Shore and can meet in person $150ROC-N-SOC Back Rest | Musician's Friend ROC-N-SOC Nitro Throne | Musician's Friend
  2. IDPA head mounted cameras?

    Does anyone have any suggestions on a video camera you can put on your hat to film IDPA courses as you're shooting them? I was considering this GoPro HD Hero Naked: Camera & Photo GoPro Head Strap Mount for HERO Cameras: Camera & Photo
  3. What's your favorite Carry Gun?

    I'm looking for input on a carry gun. I was thinking about a PPK or a Sig 238. I was also considering a Glock 27, Shield, or SR9.
  4. LTC application in MA Medical records question

    Hello, I'm planning on applying for my LTC in MA and had a question about how much information from your medical records can be reviewed and used to deny your application. If you've been treated for depression or anxiety and have been prescribed medication is that something thats searchable and...
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