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  1. Former Kimber Exec Anti-AR?
  2. Gun youtubers

    Don’t think anyone mentioned Print Shoot Repeat yet. Definitely interesting and the future of home built firearms.
  3. You had a good run mp5...

    Are they making a 16” barrel version so is MA peoples can SBR?
  4. Stocking up.

    Enough to fill one 10-round magazine for each gun. The state told me that should be enough.
  5. New Firearm Acquisition For February 2022

    Ultimately came down to how it felt in my hand. I wish you can keep the rear sight when installing an optic, but I went with the Holosun that has a notch in it. You can’t go wrong either one.
  6. New Firearm Acquisition For February 2022

    After weeks and weeks trying decide between the Shield Plus, Hellcat, and 365X I finally made a choice. Now trying to decide on a holster that accommodates a TLR6 and optic. Anyone have anything to say about these...
  7. Gunsmith Recommendations

    Went to see Dave Santurri today, thanks for the recommendation!
  8. Gunsmith Recommendations

    RMR is on a Glock 19MOS so I’m using the hardware it came with. RMR was attached to the slide with a Wheeler torque screwdriver.
  9. Gunsmith Recommendations

    Part of me wanted to muscle it and see what happens, the other part of me remembers what I paid for this setup lol.
  10. Gunsmith Recommendations

    Will try heating them up a bit and see if that works. If not I’m calling one of the above smiths. Thank you all!
  11. Gunsmith Recommendations

    Time to replace the RMR batteries on a Glock 19. Stubborn screws will not loosen. I use blue Loctite and never had trouble removing screws. Before I strip them all to hell is there a gunsmith in Southeast MA that could get them out?
  12. Ar build

    AR good. Gun lawz bad. Go to gun ships and see what day have. Can buy older OK AR or maybe buy pieces and bild AR.
  13. ‘Imagine if he had AR-15’: Liberals demand GUN CONTROL after car & knife Capitol attack, as ‘white supremacist’ narrative crumbles

    Now they will not even let non-gun related tragedies go to waste. Even the leftists must be getting sick of this shit now.
  14. Archie Bunker

    Used to watch this with my dad all the time. Bought a couple on DVD going to have to pull them out again. I used to love how Lionel would play along with Archie and make him look even more ridiculous.
  15. ATF explains difference between magazine and a clip

    Hopefully he is a whiz with alcohol and tobacco. Two out of three ain’t bad 😂
  16. New Acquisitions March 2021- Firearms

    Wanted something easily carried around that played well with MA laws. I know last month I said that was my last rifle build, so this is OK....
  17. New Acquisitions March 2021- Firearms

    Need more info on that one!
  18. AR pistol with fixed Mag? (In mass )

    SBR is the way to go, but I have both. In MA there are some perks to a firearm being a pistol.
  19. Glock 33 Round Happy Stick Just Sold For $800 on GunBroker

    I didn't wanna disturb were balls deep in that turtle with a thumb in your mouth.
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