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  1. 2008 Chevy 3500 box truck

    Selling my spare uneeded, 2008 Chevy 3500 cutaway, fiberglass utility body, dual rears, 6.0 V8. 81,000 + miles, brand new rear tires, several recent new parts, great running truck, I just don't need it. Wheel sensor light is on, as has been for past 3 years, its a nothing problem that does not...
  2. WTS S&W model 442 38 revolver

    Very few rounds thru this as it was an impulse buy I never took a liking to. Has red laser. Comes with 150 rds ammo, original grip. $475. Come to me I'll FA10 Located in North Central Mass
  3. Home range backstop.

    I've had these railroad ties for 4 years, finally got them stacked, lagged and filled for my home backstop. Plenty of woods and swamp behind my house but there is a road and a couple houses so I'm playing it safe.
  4. Suggestions for a 45 handgun

    I'm busy as hell with work and don't have much time to shop the stores, I'm looking for a smallish 45, for everyday carry. What do you all recommend. I Don't want a Shield. And I am in Mass. Does the Mill have regular hours when mostly all are open?
  5. Firearm Safety Course; Jan 16th, North Central Mass

    Just sharing a class a friend of mine sponsors a few times a year. She also does a women only class on occasion.
  6. The Buck that didn’t get away

    This is my oldest boys story, he's had a great few weeks and a freezer full of meat between NY and here. Reading his posting reminded me of the other guy on this site that spent a few days but never found his wounded deer.
  7. Get the shot or get discharged

    My son was told today, get a shot by tomorrow, or we start the "less than honorable discharge papers" He is 21, in under 3 years he is a Sargent, Army Special Forces Green Beret. He excels in all he has done and he is a true leader. He told me tonight, Dad, I don't know what to do, I don't want...
  8. My boy earned his Green Beret this week.

    My 21 year old just finished his Special Forces training. He started his career as an Army Diver, in a group of 33, he was 1 of 2 still remaining when he failed one of the final "drown tests". Not to be deterred, he studied and was able to pass all needed to be accepted into the Airborne...
  9. 3rd Bn 66th Infantry Ft. Devens, 1938-39 pictures

    I am not Military, although my oldest son, 31 is a Marine circa Afghanistan, my youngest, 21, is now in the Army Special Forces. I have always been a collector and acquired these items at a flea market prob. 20+ years ago, thought I'd show them here. There were also some pins and tags from the...
  10. Purple heart

    Several years ago I bought this at Rietta Ranch flea market from a guy that did estate cleanouts, I dont know if he ground the info off or it was done before him. I thought it was cool enough to buy. It's sad it left the original family, but I have no attachment to it and was wondering what is...
  11. WTB Brush Hog

    Looking to buy a good used 3 point hitch brush hog, 48-60"
  12. Large non gun Safe $350.

    Diebold 2 door combination safe, outer dimensions, 37"wide, 28" deep, 60" tall. Inner dimensions 30" wide, 20" deep, 44" tall. Interior could be stripped out to make long gun safe. On fixed rolling casters, can help load here but will not deliver. Estimated at 800# +- $350.
  13. yaesu ssb transceiver ft-101e

    I don't know a thing about ham radios, I found what appears to be a new yaesu ssb transceiver ft-101e, in the box at an estate clean out, is it something I ought to look into. Is there anything to look for? Is this a plug in and use type unit?
  14. WTB Tractor attachments

    I'm in search of skid steer style front attachments, especially front forks, also grapple set up for forks or a bucket. Also want a spreader for rear of tractor, PTO or electric. May have interest in any other attachments. Thank you
  15. WTS Authentic Bowling Pins

    I have 6 original pins left, great for Target practice, $20. For all picked up near Gardner
  16. Healey loses one

    Federal judge denies AG Maura Healey's request to delay assault weapons case
  17. Gun Safe Wanted

    Looking for a 24+ gun safe with door storage and digital lock. Let me know if you have one for sale.
  18. Interesting article on "Why I Carry"

  19. Mars model 115, what exactly is it?

    Ive had this for quite some time, Ive read where it was a training rifle, an air rifle, a 22, I am curious if it was meant to actually shoot and how? Is it considered a rifle?
  20. Wanting a new rifle

    So my son, a recent Army soldier also just had his 19th birthday on turkey day. We went to VA to spend the time with him and we talked about not having an idea for a gift because of his limited mobility. Then the thought crossed my mind, How about a new rifle waiting for you when you back home...
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