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  1. WTS .45 LSWC 500 count 200 grain

    Box of 500 lead semi-wad cutter .45 ACP. $35.00 Pickup in Milford or Hopkinton.
  2. Open House and Range Day - Hopedale PRC; June 27 & 28, 9 AM to 5 PM

    I will be there! Due to it being tucked away, not many people even realize there is a 24/7/365 indoor range right off Rt 16 in Hopedale. So much cheaper and easier than renting time at a commercial range.
  3. MA-Gun Laws (Fed & MA) and Inheritance

    Thanks, I am wondering how that would be handled with post ban AR's and post ban double stack handguns. If it is an FFL, I am thinking that will be an issue.
  4. MA-Gun Laws (Fed & MA) and Inheritance

    If I bought a collection in MA from an estate, would I use the EFA10 "register" option, and not sale since the executor has no LTC? I was looking at Scriv's post from way back in the beginning where he mentioned listing the executor/court docket info, would I list that under seller or leave it...
  5. WTS Fender Stratocaster

    1992 MIM Fender Strat. Upgraded with Fender Jimmy Vaughn Tex Mex pickups. Good garage band guitar, has some blemishes and surface depressions. No case. $300 obo.
  6. WTT Looking for a cheap dirt bike

    Looking for a an older beater, 125cc and up. I have a really nice Yugo M24/47 8mm Mauser, a late 50's Winchester Model 70 semi auto .22 magazine fed, some guitars and amps, and some small outboards.
  7. WTS Ford F150 folding tonneau

    Went to a toolbox, no longer need. Off a 2010 short bed. Has a few small repairs. $80 obo. Trades are cool.
  8. WTS Peavey Bass Amp

    Sugar Free
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