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  1. North Hampton NH range closed....any updates ???

    Stateline Field and Stream in South Hampton has trap open to the public on Sunday mornings starting at 9:00. They also do breakfast from 7:00-9:00 before trap for $4.
  2. Mass resident carrying in Maine

    Been waiting five months so far for maine non res. Sent in app in january, just cashed the check a couple weeks ago.
  3. Delays in getting LTC processed?

    Maine is worse...sent in my app in january and they just cashed the check two weeks ago. They are saying up to 150 days.
  4. Your club's Sunday hours

    Stateline field and stream. South Hampton NH This was a reply to Monadnock's where. Forgot to hit reply with quote.
  5. Your club's Sunday hours

    9 am to dusk everyday. All ranges open
  6. Whats your favorite antique or old gun in your collection?

    Early 1900's stevens crackshot model 16. Made in mass. Chickopee falls i believe.
  7. Very proud day!!! wife took her class in January...still hasn't bothered to submit her application.
  8. Firefighters being held hostage

    Couldn't post link from my phone....and not in high school, so couldn't care any less about your grade.
  9. Firefighters being held hostage

    5 firefighters being held hostage in a house in Georgia.
  10. Received LTC-A in Newton, MA

    Congrats...I guess. A restricted ltc is like getting a vasectomy, you have the equipment...but it won't do all it was intended to.
  11. Maine non-resident carry license wait time

    Mailed app. In January. Haven't heard anything yet.
  12. Patriot Ledger OP ED

    Article no longer available
  13. Happy Easter NES!!!

    Happy Easter
  14. Got my LTC today!

    Congrats [cheers]
  15. WBZ poll on teachers CCW

  16. SR9C MA Compliant Model is there a diff in the non MA compliant model

    I carry my sr9c in a MTAC minotaur..very comfortable. I have heard many recommend the crossbread as well.
  17. 2A Rally on Boston Common April 3, 2013

    No list I am aware of, but there are many here with much more knowledge than me. I was only seated of the park rule because of a tally st the state house in January. We were also informed at that time, knives with blades over 2 1/2" are also illegal in Boston. - - - Updated - - - Well auto...
  18. 2A Rally on Boston Common April 3, 2013

    You should let people know it is illegal to carry on the Boston Common...I am not saying dont do it...just make sure people are informed.
  19. restoration of guns after a house fire

    Can't answer your questions, just wanted to say sorry for the loss of your belongings....especially your dog.
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