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  1. Travel to ME with a MA CCW?

    I am a MA CCW holder. I rarely travel to ME, but I've been invited visit some friends in ME. I would like to bring my carry gun with me, as I'm unfamiillar with the area, and will also be travelling at night. Is there any way that I could do this legally? I will be travelling from point to...
  2. Give this a read...(Re: Officer Gregg Memeorial Fund)

    It's only a buck, I'll risk it. I'm pretty sure this is legit, just use the "bank" send to. Tim
  3. Another ID theft angle...(warning)

    Here's a new twist scammers are using to commit identity theft: the jury duty scam. Here's how it works: The scammer calls claiming to work for the local court and claims you've failed to report for jury duty. He tells you that a warrant has been issued for your arrest. The victim will...
  4. New Member

    Just sayin' "HI" for now.
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