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  1. U.S. Supreme Court Gun Ruling Leads to New Massachusetts Bill

    From the Federalist
  2. Thought I'd do you guys a favor and post this firearm cleaning video. Very instructional

  3. Bullets Both Ways

    Evan and his group are the real deal. [halfmast] BULLETS BOTH WAYS | Our Mission
  4. SOLVED-FNC programming, DST early?

    Since yesterday (10-6), FNC programming has been an hour delayed. I wonder if their time system got hacked or they just mistakenly started DST a month early. Anyone else have the same thing happen? I logged on here to get blow by blow happenings for Justice confirmation. Thanks to you guys for...
  5. Texas church shooting Hero

    Saw this last night and thought it was great.
  6. NewsFlash * NSSF article re: Mass AG walk-back 8-22-16 **Correction**

    Second page (Sorry for the delay): Posting corrected, that's what I get for bein in a hurry. [thinking] Donna
  7. Calling all women who are gun owners.

    There is a new facebook site that is less than a week old just for Massachusetts Women Gun Owners.
  8. I'm another new member from Central MA

    Hi all, I'm happy to join you and get re-acquainted with target shooting. I grew up with guns and bows, and this year received my LTC-A. I've been lurking here awhile and learning a lot from you guys. Can anyone tell me how to use an avatar? I could not find the path in my profile. TIA Donna
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