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  1. Ammo Storage? Table Limits are still in place
  2. Easy Way Send Email to Rescind Healy's AR Ban

    Thank you for reaching out with your support for these bills. I'm happy to let you know that I am signed onto both bills as a 'co-sponsor' and will push for their advancement and passage this session! Regards, Joseph McKenna State Representative 18th Worcester District (617) 722-2060
  3. 223 Load Testing

    I have a 1:9 16" Ruger SR556 but I'm skeptical because it's non-free-floated and it's a piston system. Maybe I'll give that a whirl with the same load ladder and see what I get.
  4. 223 Load Testing

    Here's a shot of the brass. Lowest charge in the back, highest in front.
  5. 223 Load Testing

    1:7. At this point I'm anticipating that the heavier 62 or 77's might shoot more favorably out of it, but we'll see what happens. If I had to bet, I'd say this may be the best accuracy I'm gonna get out of "budget" bullets, although it's rumored that the dogtowns are blem Nosler bullets.
  6. 223 Load Testing

    Got a chance to bring my 20" AR build out to play during the warm weather this weekend. I have some Dogtown 55gr projectiles I need to get rid of (bought in the shortage after Sandy Hook) before I get to my bulk Hornady FMJBT collection. Doing load development with H335, I started at 23gr and...
  7. Easy Way Send Email to Rescind Healy's AR Ban

    Does anyone know from experience whether reps/senators treat these robo-letters any differently than if it were to be personalized from a constituent?
  8. Looking for a custom kydex holster maker in Western or Central Ma.

    Wicked Holsters. I purchased a pair for my father and he loves them. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  9. Chronograph Recommendation

    A friend was kind enough to lend me his CED M2 Chrono for a few weeks while I tested reloads in a variety of handguns and I really enjoyed quantifying my results not only downrange but also in velocities to correlate my load data to the book data. I'm strongly considering purchasing one to...
  10. Case Annealer

    I'd be very curious how you make out with this, and I'd be interested to hear how you would rate this in terms of time and difficulty. Considering 1x Lake City brass goes for over $60/k, this might pay for itself in the first few thousand rounds of use.
  11. Separating Seating & Crimping

    I decided to forgo the competition seater dies and instead ordered a pair of Redding taper crimp dies for 9 and 45. Will report with results!
  12. Separating Seating & Crimping

    Thanks. I think I'm going to order the competition seater dies for 45 and 9, and get a standard RCBS die set for 38/357. For 38/357 I'll just run the cases through the seat/crimp die to seat first, then again to crimp. Thanks for helping me make sense of everything!
  13. Separating Seating & Crimping

    That makes a lot more sense. It sounds like the Redding competition seater die may be the way to go then, and use the RCBS taper crimp die to crimp.
  14. Separating Seating & Crimping

    What's your objection? I'm hoping to find out before I make a purchase I regret.
  15. Separating Seating & Crimping

    I am considering doing one of two things for my pistol reloads to separate the seat and crimp stages. Currently, I use the third die of your typical RCBS 3-die set to do both in one stage and I hate it. The two calibers in question are 9mm with 115gr RN plated bullets and 45ACP with both JHP and...
  16. The New Reloading Component/Equipment Trading Thread - Please read the first post

    Looking to swap 1k CCI Large Pistol Magnum for standard CCI Large Pistol primers. Didn't read the box properly when I bought them from Cabela's.
  17. SBRs and the new assault weapon ban

    When I first sent my form in they stated 6 months; now it's up to 8...
  18. SBRs and the new assault weapon ban

    I called today to check in and make sure they received the form (they did ding my credit card). I once again asked the question about whether they were holding up or refusing any MA forms and the kind lady told me that a) I wasn't the first one to ask, and b) that they have received no...
  19. Powder Selection for 9mm-38/357-45

    I am quickly realizing with the addition of another caliber to reload, I may need to end my search for a universally applicable powder for my reloading room. Several people have recommended Titegroup for 9mm and 45; however, it's a very fast-burning powder and especially with the low-pressure...
  20. SBRs and the new assault weapon ban

    Submitted a Form 1 individual last week and saw the ATF charged my card today. I called them in advance of my submission and the kind lady I got on the phone said that they have not been instructed to deny MA SBR applications as of last week. Take it for what it is, another data point.
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