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  1. good new england nfa dealers?

    Whos got a good inventory to browse? Later this year i will be in the market for a submachine gun, most likely a mac 10 or 11. Want to know who has good stock on hand to be able to examine guns before purchase.
  2. Good gunshops around groton ct

    Im a newhampshirite on a long term work project in groton so will be in groton the next 6-10 months. I dont know the local gunstores and reps. Whos worth going to? Being an out of stater without firearms licences im pretty much limited to using my C&R, which is my primary interest anyway...
  3. Gusmith for a pin and weld?

    Need to attach muzzle device, wondering who in area (close to dover) can do this?
  4. Gunsmiths in NH for an ak?

    looking for some work, on my draco, wondering who does aks god here.
  5. Background checks for handguns different in NH?

    They generally took 15 to 20 mininutes back in maine. A coworker who moved to nh last year about the same time i did went to buy a gun and its been over a week since it started. Sounds strange to me, any ideas?
  6. any public land around dover nh to shoot on?

    Hours were cut at work so can't afford club fees right now, wondering if theres a good area to go shoot such as public land, sand pits etc?
  7. private sale require a carry permit?

    Ive heard but cant find documents on this. Ive been told if i know a person i can sell FTF but if there a stranger i need to see a carry permit as proof of eligibility to own. I know in maine its encouraged but its not required. Was told its law here. Is this true?
  8. Dover NH area FFLS

    looking to do a transfer soon, wondering who's around for FFls and who's had luck with them in my area. Newish to area and haven't been to a ffl yet.
  9. nfa engraver in NH

    Want to SBR an ak in the future, looking at possible engravers.
  10. bullseye leauges newar dover nh?

    want to get into bullseye shooting. Did a clinic to qualify on events but like the league setup since its good practice to get good enough for the sanctioned nra events. .22 leagues seem common enough but hard to get info on seasons done, what days, etc.
  11. Hows the new hampshire gun scene

    I am moving to NH tomorrow. Looking for a club to join and want to know what the good gun stores are. Also want to do some bullseye and idea so looking where competitions are held. sure i can get some pointers here :)
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