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  1. Got $500? What would you buy

    My Vote is a K31 and ammo Also the Garand is only 130 dollars more and there is nothing like it.
  2. Gun Control push coming to VT Senate

    Awesome thank you very much sir. Now if my damn work didn't block their website I could donate it
  3. Gun Control push coming to VT Senate

    This bums me out :( I'm looking to buy a home up there, I want to help fight this. What is a good organization to donate to in Vermont??
  4. Nerf Assault Weapon and the 10 yr. old Jewish Kid

    wow I think my niece and nephew got the same gun for Christmas! those things were pretty damn fun
  5. AR vs AK vs Mosin

    Jesus I may have to buy Mosin number 4
  6. Dumbest anti comment ever?

    I think its fake...has to be fake...o god please, for the sake of the human race be fake
  7. CMP's new and improved website

    oooooooo puuuuuuuurty
  8. Liberals Shoot Guns for the First Time

    That girl with the black hair is awesome woulddate/10
  9. Four Seasons Sig 2022 price

    Anyone know how much they are currently on clearance for. I know there listed as $75 off. I'm just trying to save myself a long wait on the phone and a wait in line if I could. Thanks!
  10. Got my C&R today

    I got my C&R about a year and half destroys ones wallet. But man I love every single purchase Ive made
  11. Socom M1A and SW 686

    Thanks preacher! a little far from me, but better than nothing
  12. Socom M1A and SW 686

    Hey guys I'm stuck at work with that dreaded "restricted site: firearms" screen. Has anyone seen in there Massachusetts travels recently a Socom M1A in stock? Also looking for a SW 686. Thanks for the help, also just to add something fun...going up to Stowe next week and will be enjoying a free...
  13. Guns you'll never EVER sell or trade

    The Two guns I'd never sell are: Garand And my first firearm, my Ruger SR22
  14. SKS stripper clips?

    I bought about 20 from i think about 12-15 of the 20 worked
  15. Precision Point Firearms - Woburn, MA

    Bump for Johnny, I bought a Glock 23 through him last week and he was nothing but awesome. He will defiantly be getting my return business
  16. First CMP order! It's here!

    been in the estore since 10/24 Please CMP take my money :)
  17. First CMP order! It's here!

    Awesome thanks Mac!
  18. First CMP order! It's here!

    So this being my first CMP purchase, Ive seen alot of peoples credit cards get charged the day off or the day after the order hitting the estore. My order hit the estore on 10/24 and my card hasn't been charged. My order status is still listed as open. I cant wait for them to take my money and...
  19. First CMP order! It's here!

    RM1HRAS M1 Garand HRA Service Grade Customer Number: 295521 Sent application: 8/31/13 Received: 9/4/13 DBU: 9/25/13 Estore: 9/25/13 CC: ??? Ship: ??? Delivered: ??? Seeing the 9/19 Order being ship is giving me hopes im getting mine soon!! haha Might as well add another 200 rounds of ammo...
  20. If you could only have one handgun?

    Id go with the PPK. Just because I like it so damn much
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