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  1. Mass casualty incident market basket rindge nh

    Any one know what this is? Sounds like another shooting?
  2. Methuen police brag on Facebook about raid.

    They had the ATF FBI dhs assist on a raid of a 24 year old kid who legally owned an AK AR and river gp100. That arsenal could've hurt so many people hmm they only charged him with possessing 2 hi cap mags and a unsafe storage violation. Since when are non federal laws enforced by federal...
  3. 3 killed In shooting in Pennsylvania police trying to figure out

    How the suspect got shot. Maybe a gun owner shot him?
  4. New gun bag made by Blackhawk. Pretty good article, perfect for mass res to prevent scaring the sheeple.
  5. Sig 556 pistol with stabilizing brace? Says that it is ATF compliant looks like it could be used as a buttstock too? Any one seen one of these?
  6. UPDATE: 7/2/13 Gabrielle Giffords on a trip to nh to infringe on our rights!

    Update 7/2/13 From Soloman. The Puritan Backroom 245 Hooksett Road Manchester, NH 03104 July 5 - doors open at 12:00 pm Soloman will be there with some friends! ----------------------------------------------------------- She's here to try and sway Ayotte to vote for gun...
  7. I'm looking for some input on materials.

    I'm building a survival product I won't disclose it for obvious reasons but once finished ill karma a few out for help testing. I'm in a predicament I need a lightweight metal resistant to heat 1/4 thick sheets. I was thinking aluminum or stainless steel.
  8. Bullet proof igloos?

    So years ago they created a compound of ice and sawdust which was practically bomb proof in large amounts. They tried to build an aircraft carrier out of it in ww2. This compound is called pykrete here's a video of some one shooting it...
  9. Hong Kong claims snowden had left territory.

    I bet they helped him get to a secure location in a zero extradition country.
  10. Best foods for bug out bags.

    I've read hundreds of different people's bug out lists, what do you guys keep for food. Best items seem to be- Tuna pouches Beef jerky Lipton instant soup Protein/granola/any kind of sport bar Hard candy 3 day Datrex bars MREs/mountain house dehydrated food What are you guys thoughts?
  11. Owner of Riley's kicked police officers keys...

    The officer arresting a man at the concord rally on Tuesday had dropped there keys, apparently the owner of Riley's kicked them away and started swearing at the police for arresting a protester.
  12. Looking for a decent knife and other BOB essentials

    I've narrowed my choices down to a couple, want opinions on them. I'm trying to set up a BOB so far all I have us the bag so any other items you guys think is a must is also helpful. Now to the knives, Becker BK 2 Kabar Cold steel srk. Knife would be primarily for typical Camping stuff...
  13. Bad m4 feed ramps advice on repair?

    So the car shoot in April I broke out the AR I built in December. It consists of a lower I built myself that functions perfectly. Now the complete upper I bought the rounds are jamming on the m4 feed ramps and sometimes even denting them pretty badly not sure what to do to fix this problem?
  14. 5 dead " mass shooting " Seattle WA Woke up to the news update. That's " two yesterday"
  15. Help deciding what I want for my birthday!

    My gf is giving me 300 ish for my gift and I'm debating getting a ruger lcp .380 as a backup any thoughts?
  16. Nra membership...

    So I paid for my membership in January the 1st, I still have not receivers my bass pro gift card, or my membership or any magazine... Any one else been waiting four months for their stuff?
  17. Need advice on glock trigger job.

    After carefully reading reviews on the ghost triggers I've heard good and a lot of bad. I'm looking for a smoother trigger in the 4.5-5 pound range because it is my carry gun. I have a brand new gen 3 g 19 and I'm in NH so I cannot take it to a mass gunship to have it installed. My question...
  18. Anybody ever order from rockyourglock.

    Looking for an alternative to glockstore/glockmeister to order a few aftermarket parts I've had nothing but problems with the former. I'm looking for a stainless guide rod and possibly a trigger job. What is a safe trigger pull for a carry glock? Any NH recommendations for who to have install a...
  19. Sweeping gun control passed in Maryland.

    By Erin Cox, The Baltimore Sun Updated April 3, 2013 The House of Delegates voted Wednesday to give Maryland one of the toughest gun laws in the nation, passing a bill that would ban the sale of assault-type weapons, set a 10-bullet limit on magazines and require fingerprints and a license to...
  20. Help me decide on a new gun/scope combo.

    I've been looking around, I think I'm down to remington 700 vs savage 10 series guns. This gun will be used primarily for hunting and 200-600 yard target shooting once I get that good. This will be my first year hunting. I've been geared towards a .308 seeing as its pretty versatile for both...
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