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  1. Gun Club closure megathread

    Weston Shooters Club range reopened. The lounge, bathrooms and locker area are all closed and you need to wear a mask on the range.
  2. Pocket holster

    I've been satisfied with a Mika's Pocket Holster for my j frame. It sticks firmly in my pocket and is easy to draw out the firearm.
  3. Trump Administration Designates Firearms Industry As Essential

    The little I know of this issue came from a webinar hosted by a large national law firm last week. The short of it was the Department of Homeland Security CISA memo was merely guidance that states could follow or not. The states generally retain authority over health and safety matters. A law...
  4. Alternative to Hoppes

    Rand CLP or Ballistol.
  5. Gun Cleaners/Oil - what are you using?

    Rand bolt and bore for cleaning and Rand CLP for lubrication. I switched from Breakfree CLP to Rand CLP as I wanted something non-toxic.
  6. classifieds

    You have to be a paid member to list in the classifieds.
  7. Best LGS near Milford

    I'd recommend GFA in Natick.
  8. Ar10 complete uppers

    I would be surprised if any keep AR-10 complete uppers in stock. Given the differences between Armalite and DPMS AR-10s and the limited market in MA for AR-10s I'm not sure how a dealer would make money stocking them.
  9. Hypothetical question

    I've sent a Sig back to them for repair. They sent a Fedex label and RMA number. I shipped to them by dropping off at a Fedex Kinkos. Once the work was done they shipped it back direct I wasn't home when the FedEx guy arrived so I drove to the FedEx pickup location and brought it home. This was...
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