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  1. Threaded barrels on a pistol?

    Are threaded barrels on pistols legal? I'm looking for a new barrel for my glock, G19, and an out of state friend has one for me with treads. Just wondering if it was ok here. (I know suppressors are out. So what would be the point? Just to save some money.)
  2. Threaded barrels? Go or No Go?

    I'm looking in to a new barrel for my Ruger 10/22, are threaded barrels ok if they have a muzzle break. I would not be breaking any AWB laws. it has no pistol grip, flash hider, collapsible stock, bayonet; just a muzzle comp/break. Am I ok legally? (can't find much anywhere)
  3. Large cap mags?

    I've heard some say that in Mass if you have a Class A LTC, you can own ANY high cap mag, not just pre-1994. I was under the impression that a class A only allowed you to own pre-ban large cap mags, i.e. pre-1994. I have my LTC class A, can I have post-1994 large cap mags?
  4. Pre ban mags, can you update the internals

    I moved to Mass. Got some pre ban mags (I'm still looking for more, but that's another thread) And now I'm wondering if I can update them leaving the bodies intact, i.e. replace the follower, spring, and floor plate... Are there any legal issues I need to consider before updating?
  5. Looking for Club in Grafton area.

    I'm looking to join a club in grafton area. I've been googling and searching the NRA website. What to see what every one here recommends?
  6. Are Handgun Receivers Transferable in MA?

    If I wanted to buy a 1911 frame / receiver, would a FFL transfer that since it is not technically a handgun? What's the deal in MA with handgun receivers and that stupid list?
  7. Moving to Mass.

    First time poster, long time reader. I've read most of the stickies here and I'm a little confused still. I'm moving from CT into MA. I'm not worried about my guns, just their mags. I can't take ANY mag over 10 round with me? (all my mags are new than 1994) Even if I get a Class A? Is it the...
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