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  1. Do Illegal Aliens have 2A Rights, SCOTUS to decide

    The 2nd amendment doesn't grant anybody rights. It (in theory) prevents the government from infringing on a right people have. All people. A person here illegally shouldn't be restricted from self defense any more than anyone else. Once found they should not remain here however. Everybody...
  2. Moose poached in Ludlow, MA

    How else do you make Moose Benedict?
  3. Hilda and Jesse’s refused to serve three police officers

    In, show me this magical place
  4. Hilda and Jesse’s refused to serve three police officers

    I am far from an expert. But looking at the Supreme Court decision in Castle Rock v. Gonzales it sure seems it. Lady had a restraining order against her ex husband that covered her and the kids, he came and kidnapped the kids, she reported it repeatedly, like every hour that night. Police...
  5. Hilda and Jesse’s refused to serve three police officers

    Then we agree on what should happen. I think I just take it to the conclusion it was a dumb move. But their place, their rules. And they have paid the price for that.
  6. Hilda and Jesse’s refused to serve three police officers

    Well, the original post said they were not welcome in the restaurant while on-duty, in their uniform and with their weapons. How do you interpret that as asking them to continue providing policing? I actually don't disagree with your initial premise that they 100% should not provide a...
  7. Hilda and Jesse’s refused to serve three police officers

    Courts have repeatedly concluded that the police do not have a duty to protect nor a duty to enforce the law. On its face, this sounds like BS, but once you think k about it, if they did have those duties they would not be able to use judgment in enforcement and arrest everyone that was...
  8. Deals and steals

    Scroll down. He is upselling well, but the free+$8.95 shipping is available.
  9. Deals and steals

    Been trying all day. Thanks for the reminder. It worked.
  10. I am announcing the passing of someone on this forum.

    My deepest condolences. May your Dad rest in peace, and I hope sharing with this community that he enjoyed brings you a little peace as well. Prayers for your father, your family, and you.
  11. NH Gun Line & New Law Firm Opening In Concord, NH (February 2021)

    Thanks for the response. Looking back, my comment appeared to be a direct jab at you and it wasn't really intended that way. My last sentence was a bit snarky and I apologize. I don't want to be part of a pile on here. Being stuck in the People's Republic of Mass I don't really have a dog in...
  12. Another Unfortunate Gun Bonded Warehouse (Tombstone Trading Post)

    Let's be honest, what we do here is better described as anti-social media. You should be safe.
  13. NH Gun Line & New Law Firm Opening In Concord, NH (February 2021)

    I'm curious on what you are saying in this post. Are you saying that federal contractors are not able to get S, TS, or TS/SCI clearances, but NH state employees have those and have been read on to ACCM programs and the NH Gun Line operates in a SCIF so they can access these files and process...
  14. AREDN Mesh Networking

    I was looking up AREDN about a year ago but didn't pull the trigger on anything because it appeared I would mostly be "talking" to myself. There was a good amount of cheap equipment on ebay at the time. I'm located just beyond the top left corner of you 2.4 GHz map though and we would need a...
  15. Deals and steals

    I'll agree on this. I wouldn't go for most of the Ryobi plug in stuff.
  16. Deals and steals

    Short answer, I think they are a great value. Long answer. I worked at HD back during college and I remember the end of the old blue Ni-Cad Ryobi tools. They would set up displays with Milwaukee, Dewalt and Ryobi to show it had the power. It may have had the power, but I found if you needed...
  17. The Open Carry Warzone (enter at own risk)

    Hold on, back this train up... All I need to do is create new user ID then ask about open carry, are Glocks legal in MA, is 9 or .40 better, ... AND I CAN PROFIT! PM details please, I will entertain a profit sharing agreement. I'll even donate half to Comm2A! Thanks ;)
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