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  1. Four Seasons Sig 2022 price

    Anyone know how much they are currently on clearance for. I know there listed as $75 off. I'm just trying to save myself a long wait on the phone and a wait in line if I could. Thanks!
  2. Socom M1A and SW 686

    Hey guys I'm stuck at work with that dreaded "restricted site: firearms" screen. Has anyone seen in there Massachusetts travels recently a Socom M1A in stock? Also looking for a SW 686. Thanks for the help, also just to add something fun...going up to Stowe next week and will be enjoying a free...
  3. How's it looking out there today?

    Just wondering what the scene out there at gun shops is today. Is everyone going crazy yet?
  4. CMP Order sent

    Just finally got my sales order noterized. Went to the post office and expressed mailed my service grade garand order form. They said it will arrive first thing tuesday :) My count down starts today! Very excited!!!!
  5. Delete

    *edit delete
  6. FFL Transfers

    Do you guys do transfers for members in your pro shop? And if you do how much do you charge?
  7. Nashoba Sportsman Club

    Haven't seen much about this club, its about 15 min form my house and doesn't seem to have any ridiculous rules. Anyone a member or have any first hand experience with this range? Thanks
  8. 9x18 Mak

    Hi just wondering if anyone has seen any 9x18 mak in their travels. I have some on order, but my cz-82 arrived first and I just don't wanna wait to shoot it if I don't have too[smile] I live in Billerica and was just wondering if anyone has noticed it being in stock anywhere near me. Thanks!
  9. This is what happens when you buy a gun in Los Angeles

    I know its from a strange source but can you believe what this guy got in the mail. Bought a Gun, Got a Letter from the Attorney General, page 1
  10. Family Photo Time!

    Uploaded with Remington 700 30.06 Mosin Nagant (in pieces want to refinish stock) Maverick 88 S&W 15-22 (Might be selling soon) Ruger SR22 I defiantly need more handguns! Lets see your family!
  11. Im so excited...

    Just came back from being snowed in at my job to see my Curio & Relic license has arrived! Now gotta find a place to ship to Mass and a gun to buy. Initial thoughts going to the Polish P64(don't have a large budget) and I already have a Mosin-Nagant. Hope you all had a safe storm!
  12. C&R excitement

    Just saw on my credit card statement that my C&R fee got charged on the 18th of December. So excited to check my mailbox now!
  13. Tip for removing cosmoline

    Hello all, I figured I'd just share a tip my brother showed me when I bought my Mosin-Nagant covered in cosmoline. Break Part Cleaner. It's available in almost any auto parts store, is inexpensive and with a simple spray and wipe technique I cleaned the entire gun in less than 15 minuets. Happy...
  14. place to shoot. killington vt

    so some buddies if mine rented a house up on mount killington for next week. was wondering where a good place to go shooting was. thanks
  15. good time on Saturday.

    I was just wondering if anyone knew a good time to come in on Saturdays for the range. I got a small window of time this Saturday and really wanna take my brother in law shooting. so just wondering what, if any block of time is typicaly slower than the rest. Im thinking around 7pm ish...
  16. Questions about S&W 15-22

    Hello all, I have a few questions regarding the S&W 15-22. I've been going back and forth since Friday about whether or not I should pick one up. So tomorrow morning im either gonna pick it up or just forget about it(for now). I really like the .22 caliber as I'm on a relatively small shooting...
  17. Question about Magazines

    Hello all, I was just wondering if the Mec-Gar magazines are worth paying 10 dollars less, or if its worth it to buy a magazine from the actual manufacturer. Thanks
  18. Bored, so here's my gun collection!

    Hello all, very bored at home so I figured I'd take a picture of my (small) collection. Just got my LTC in August and there a lot of guns I wanna add! So here is a pic(sorry for the low res) and some quick thoughts that I have on each. Take care all and thanks for lookin. Ruger Sr22: First gun...
  19. Question about Nagant 1895 Revolver

    I've been looking to pick one of these up to supplement my Mosin Nagant 91/30, and for around $100 dollars you cant go wrong. Now my question is, are these common enough at Gun Shows in Massachusetts or should I order one online and pay for the shipping and transfer fees. I just got my LTC-A in...
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