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  1. Anyone own a Smith 9mm EZ?

    Finding one is the issue...
  2. Vehicle gun storage

    Usually yes. If you’re in a gun free zone, like school grounds, the capitol, the post office, Togus, then no.
  3. Anyone own a Smith 9mm EZ?

    Yep, I gave my wife one for her birthday. She has small hands, not a lot of hand strength. Can’t run the Glock 19 I thought she’d like- can’t rack it, hates the trigger. She runs this one like a champ, it’s the perfect gun for her- easy to load the mags, easy to rack, good trigger, good sights...
  4. A question about Prescription CoPays with the VA

    They stopped sending the monthly bills during the Covid crisis. You’re still being charged, and the bill is getting bigger every time time you get copay meds. I was told last month that the billing will resume Jan 1. You can call the VA and make a full or partial payment at any time, or wait for...
  5. Pic request.Anyone have a Mitch Rosen Pocket Softly Holster? Other Rosen holsters for that matter..

    I have a Mitch Rosen shoulder holster. Serious quality. Serious wait to get it.
  6. Gun Club closure megathread

    Lincoln County Rifle Club, in Damariscotta, Maine, closed for April.
  7. Killer Elite Porcupine Round- Update: Porky is Dead

    Yep. This. Do it for the dogs...
  8. Dem-Controlled House Passes Magazine Ban And More

    Circle jerk. Senate won’t address it, Trump won’t sign it.
  9. Ar-15 handguard advice sought

    Aero Atlas S1- a slick piece of engineering.
  10. At Least 10 Shot at Alabama High School Football Game, Police Say

    And why do you think the msm hasn’t jumped all over this. Politicians haven’t either.
  11. They Plan To Confiscate Only 100 Million Guns

    I wonder who “they “ think is going to do the confiscating. Rank and file cops have already said that they don’t want to do Red Flag confiscations. If “they” really try it, I think it will be the beginning of the shooting part of the civil war we’re in now.
  12. Vietnam

    Don’t buy the fake war souvenirs. Dog tags, lighters, etc..
  13. 45acp....learning

    That was mine, too. A great gun once I learned how to deal with the Eliason rear sight pin.
  14. 45acp....learning

    Nice! That sounds great!
  15. 45acp....learning

    I can see that in theory, but haven’t experienced it. I shot one batch of 1000 Starline from new until I couldn’t read the headstamp (almost).
  16. 45acp....learning

    Yep. I’ve found 1.250 is what works for me.
  17. Taxing Assault Weapons is the solution

    So they decide to tax the guns. Then they realize that they don’t have any idea how many there are or who owns them. Registration would be their only answer.
  18. 45acp....learning

    I don’t think it does, as far as the taper crimp goes. We’re talking about the O.D. Of the case mouth, which is controlled only by the crimp die, right?
  19. 45acp....learning

    Not ignorance by any means. Sure, you can measure the crimp, with the same calipers you’re using to measure your oal. Mixed brass doesn’t matter, unless you’ve got some AMERC from somewhere, throw that out.
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