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  1. IPSC Rules and Regulations...

    A friend was selling holster and this is a Bianchi... I not so sure if this one will be approved under IDPA so, I was thinking if this one will be acceptable under IPSC. Or, if it is, isnt that most holster that are used under IPSC are quick draw holsters? Or are there some...
  2. .357 or .40, which is a bigger caliber?

    This seems to be a pretty obvious question but.... sometimes there things that arent really that simple. Want to know which is a bigger caliber a .357 or a .40? If I will be getting a glock in .357 could I just get a .40 barrel as an upgrade or convert it to such? [oops]
  3. Custom made holsters...

    I just placed an order [custom made] for a leather holster for my Steyr M9, dont know if its cheap though. Cost me $60! That's complete with belt [1.5"] and a magazine pouch, a set of two. Will post pix when its done!
  4. Who won the IPSC World Shoot XIV?

    Was trying to get the result of the IPSC World Shoot XIV but confuse who was the overall winner. Who and from where? Any information please. Thanks. [oops]
  5. Dust cover

    I would not let this day pass without thanking this great guy here! I have to thank Chris for being so patient with me with my question about where or which part of the pistol [semi-autos] I could find the "dust cover". What a funny question, isnt it? but, that was a legitimate question...
  6. IDPA - Rules and Regulations

    I am posting this thread, if you woulnt mind, as a forum in regards to some questions about the new IDPA rules and regulations. IDPA proficient, please help me out here [you always do :D ]. Those who have questions please post here too, I may ask the same question. Thanks. First: Stock...
  7. Gun Safety Technology

    This one could be good or bad... it all boils down again to who has the gun!
  8. Color our guns pink?

    Read this. There was a recommendation to color guns pink! It could be less harmful... watdayathink? [wink]
  9. I give up! Dont shoot me!

    I give up! Don't shoot me! [roll]
  10. Computer Jokes: Help Desk

    Customer: Hi, this is Celine. I can't get my diskette out. Helpdesk: Have you tried pushing the button? Customer: Yes, sure, nothing happens, it must be really stuck. Helpdesk: That doesn't sound good; I'll make a note Customer: No ... wait a minute... I hadn't inserted it...
  11. Which .40? Walther P99 or CZ75 or Steyr M40 or Glock 23

    I have decided that for my 9mm, that I will be getting a Steyr M9 and thats just what I did. You guys help me out on that tremendously! I am now a happy owner of an M9! Now, about the .40, which one should you recommend? Steyr M40, CZ75 or P99 or Glock 23. This is for...
  12. Steyr M9 and S9

    I need some help here... I have read some articles that the Steyr M9 or Steyr M series in general can "DA" if the "sear" breaks? Second, that it fires even when it is out of battery? I hope I am not opening pandora's box here. [oops] Thanks.
  13. Steyr M9 and M-A1 magazine and internal components

    Hello there... Wants to know if the barrel and basically the internal components of these two models are compatible... also the magazine. Anybody? Thanks.
  14. 40 vs 45 or 9mm

    With so many articles written on issues regarding stopping power and accuracy... it seems that 40 is the best choice. 45 has so much recoil and 9mm has the accuracy but requires special load... any opinion on this. It looks like that the trend now is toward the 40s... thanks.
  15. 9mm - Glock, Walther or Steyr

    Any idea on which pistol is better... for a 9mm? I need your opinion here. I was planning to get a Kimber 45 but the price just kept me away from it for the meantime [that's actually a whopping 1400 USD for the cheapest model and the rest I think are reserved for Bill Gates, if he can afford...
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