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  1. Pelham or Bradford?

    Both are holding USPSA matches on June 18th. I have never shot at either club before. However I hope to participate in shoots at both clubs eventually, but Which match should I attend this weekend? PS: Both are equal distance from me.
  2. Modulus Arms black Friday sale

    New item. HD AR308 jig
  3. Adding a tensioning screw to AR receiver

    While I do not think that this is necessary for a properly machined lower, I have had folks ask me about them so I figured I'd post this. I set the mill up like this, using the following datum points. The normal "Y" axis zero, the flat area just behind the PG mounting boss for the "Z" zero...
  4. How badly do you want to build a MA legal AR pistol?

    Looks like a good start, but at $500? ouch Skeletonized titanium gas block will help too...
  5. Modulus Arms Memorial day sale

    Add an AR15 lower to your HD jig purchase for only $39.99. Or on it's own for only $49.99 HD jigs are still...
  6. Marlboro April 23-24

    Roll call
  7. New product from Modulus Arms

    This makes the drilling portion of completing an AR 80% receiver go much faster and easier. Especially for those using a hand drill or small drill press. Drilling a 1/4" pilot hole first instead of just trying to just blast through with a 3/8" from the git go, makes a huge difference...
  8. 80% receiver tips

    Just a few things that I've picked up along the way. A short piece of 1-1/2" painters tape is just the right size to protect the lower while performing the machining operations. A 1/4" clevis pin not only works well to secure the front of the jig, it also makes a handy tool for installing...
  9. Marlboro 1/30-1/31

    With the Foxboro show being the week after, I think I'm going to pass on Marlboro this time around. 1st Marlboro show I've missed in ages. Anybody else trading Foxboro for Marlboro?
  10. Foxboro Roll Call

    2/6-2/7 Now that they have resurrected the Foxboro show, who is going? It used to be one of my favorite shows and I'm hoping that it picks up where it left off. I'll be there on Saturday.
  11. Is the .40 S&W going to be an orphan?

    Looks like it's headed that way. I never really cared for the cartridge and have never owned anything chambered in it. I just could never see what it could do that I couldn't already do with one of my 9mms or 45ACPs. It appears that dealers do not want to even take then in trade anymore...
  12. Initial feedback on the new Modulus HD jig.

    First reviews are starting to come in on the new jigs. All the feedback has been nothing short of spectacular. HIGH QUALITY PRODUCT Posted by Nick on 23rd Dec 2015 In researching AR jigs, I found that this is probably one of the best out there. The "Heavy Duty" jig has hardened steel...
  13. It's here. The 80% jig by which all others be measured

    Our new jig is finally finished and is available with a free tool kit as part of black friday sale.
  14. Modulus products now available through Brownells

    I am very pleased to announce that our product line is now available through Brownells. Brownell's is the premier vendor of all things firearm related...
  15. Why no Speer 300BLK data?

    I'm just curious as to why Speer seems to not even recognize that the 300BLK exists. I picked up some speer #2022 150gr BTSP at the Marlboro show over the weekend. I was searching for a load both in the Speer reloading manual and on their website. They do not show a single load of any type...
  16. Marlboro Sept 26th & 27th

    Roll call
  17. MA legal AR pistol build may have just got a little easier

    Making that 50oz weight limit for a MA legal AR pistol build is tough, but this will help. I wish they gave the weight of it though. They put this baby on a serious diet.
  18. Home brew case lube

    For those who home brew their own case lube, I found a pretty good source for the liquid lanolin. $5.36 ea plus $4.95 shipping. $15.36 total for 8oz landed. That's enough to make over a half gallon of lube., I'm set for life. lol
  19. Inconsistant COAL reloading .300BLK

    I normally have no problem maintaining +/- .002 COAL with other cartridges, but for some reason .300BLK is giving me fits. 125gr matchkings call for 2.210 COAL. I can produce 3 or 4 good rounds and then it will produce a short one (minus as much as .008 to .010) and then turn around and spit...
  20. 300 blackout headspace gauges

    Got them. thanks
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