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  1. Moving guns to another state?

    I'll be relocating to the Southwest next year and the thought has occurred to me - how do I move a dozen guns from MA to AZ safely? Do moving companies handle such things or do I have to transfer everything through an FFL?
  2. MA EOPS Approved Firearms list?

    Anyone have any suggestions on how to find out when the next "Approved" firearms list will be issued by EOPS? I've been told that they have to release/update the list four times per year. The current list was released in July...
  3. C&R Renewal

    My license expires April 1 so I sent a check and renewal application to the BATF the first week in January. Haven't received the new license yet although the check was cashed on 1/13. Anyone know the current wait time is for a renewal?
  4. Digg: USA Today 2nd Amendment poll

    Over a million hits, 97% agree with the poll question: Does the Second Amendment give individuals the right to bear arms?" You guys have been busy! [rofl]
  5. Mace - license required in NH?

    I did a search and couldn't locate the information so I thought I'd post in case someone knew the answer. My wife has a ALP LTC in MA and usually carries Mace. Does she need a non-resident license in NH, or is a license required at all?
  6. .223 Recipe?

    I'm just beginning to reload rifle cartridges and was wondering if someone could share their favorite bullet weight and powder type and charge for a target load.
  7. At least 25,000 college students "get it"

    CINCINNATI, Ohio (CNN) -- "Would you rather just sit there and cower underneath a desk when someone executes you or would you rather have a chance to defend your life? That's what it really boils down to." Michael Flitcraft says students should be allowed to protect themselves from potential...
  8. Ambush reporter out on the street.

    The reporter who harassed a Dallas business owner (who shot two burglars within three weeks) loses her job. Link to full report and video: It's over at Fox4 for reporter Rebecca Aguilar By ED BARK Rebecca Aguilar's 14-year career as a Fox4...
  9. Exlusive Paul Helmke Brady Campaign Interview

    A parody excerpted from Fighting for Liberty ( /Begin Quote: Well, I normally wouldn’t bust out this big of a story without a press release and a great deal of fanfare, but I was recently able to sit down...
  10. why the gun is civilization

    Excerpt from Marko's blog "The Munchkin Wrangler" (apparently a stay-at-home dad). Excellent post..... read the entire article here: "Human beings only have two ways to deal with one another: reason and force. If you...
  11. The Right to Own a Bazooka

    Food for thought: Link originally posted by Dean Speir on the Gun Zone forum. Thanks Dean!
  12. Milsurp ammo locator?

    Since the AG has pretty much shut down the ability to order ammo from out-of-state suppliers like SAMCO or Cheaper Than Dirt where do you find ammunition for your milsurps? I've just restored a nice Enfield No4 Mk II and I'd love to get a box or two of .303 British for it but local gun stores...
  13. "What's Triggering Drop in Mass Gun Sales" article

    Did anyone else read this article in the Lowell Sun yesterday and scratch their heads like I did? I'm surprised at the figures quoted. The gun safety class I took prior to getting my LTC was SRO and I thought the number of gun owners in the state was...
  14. Which Presidential candidate do you support?

    Mike Hukabee's looking better to me these days. Take a look at his position on Gun Control:
  15. Where can I find a small gun safe for sale?

    I've checked the gun stores. AG G&A and Blue Northern only have Stack-On "security cabinets" and they have to be ordered. Four Seasons has some large one's in stock but I'm looking for something smaller with a combination lock that will hold 5-8 long guns, a half dozen pistols and some ammo...
  16. Looking for 9mm cast bullets

    Anyone have a source in MA for reloading lead? AG Guns hasn't had any 9mm in stock for months and Riley's in Hooksett has also been out for a while. Mailorder appears to be too expensive because of the shipping costs.
  17. Range log?

    I'm returning to the shooting sports after a loooong absence (and an almost as long wait for my MA LTC [cry] ) and I was wondering how I'll be able to track improvement over time. Do any of you keep a range log and, if so, what are the things that you write in the log?
  18. A. G. Guns and Ammo

    I haven't seen anyone's opinion on this shop in Lowell. FWIW I took my Basic Pistol course there and found everyone very professional and was told that I would have the option to buy my first firearm there at their cost. Seems like a good place to do business and it would certainly be the...
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