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  1. NES/MFS March Gun Giveaway

  2. Belgian Air Force Needs A Few Replacement F-16's

    That will buff right out.
  3. Acceptable humidity level for a gun safe

    My safe is in a basement with a dehumidifier that I run year round. Keep it set on 60%. No corrosion issues. The safe is on a 6" tall wood platform. Never checked what the humidity is in the safe.
  4. NES/MFS August Giveaway

  5. ATF Rules on establishing residency

    Yes northeaster I did see your earlier post yesterday. Thanks to you also. Good info. I somehow skipped over it though last night while I was looking for a copy of the form online. Saw the page 2 notes but not the page 5 stuff - my bad.
  6. ATF Rules on establishing residency

    HorizontalHunter Thanks for that info. Have to get a copy of 4473. I was looking at them online and did not see the section you quoted.
  7. ATF Rules on establishing residency

    Crackpot - I get it. The 4473 form appears to be pretty clear that one can have residence in two states. Even explains how to properly fill out the form in that case. Now you have an ATF agent telling the OP/FFL that a tax bill is not sufficient to claim residency. Somewhere I read that the...
  8. ATF Rules on establishing residency

    I am in the same situation as the OP in that I have a place in Vt. and would like to be able to purchase there. I have tax bills etc. Have never been able to get an answer on what exactly I need to purchase a firearm in Vt. Over the winter I was in an LGS and asked about it. The owner said he...
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