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  1. Authorities Respond to Report of ’20 Victim Shooting’ Incident in San Bernardino

    Pres. speaks to the nation at 2000 tonight. This could be a good drinking game.
  2. Authorities Respond to Report of ’20 Victim Shooting’ Incident in San Bernardino

    I want 30 round clips and bullet buttons!!
  3. Going rate for Pre-Ban AR15 Mags

    Wait a minute. Did they even mark the date on them before the ban? How can you have pre ban dated mags....
  4. USA rower at World Championships gets broadcast shout-out for her shooting

    It's as "on Topic" as most of the posts in the category. But you keep up the good work!!!
  5. Anyone headin to Leafest in Kingston Ri

    Leap Fest the international parachute competition will be held this Saturday. If you like to watch helicopters and parachutes you should check it out. The RI National guard sponsors this event.
  6. No love for bayonets?

    Two stories: buddy of mine 3rd Ranger bn. fixed bayonets to assault the Conandancia in Panama . Reason? No idea what they were gonna run into. Story 2, Iraq. A buddy of mine swears by a bayonet on the end if his carbine as a perfect search tool in city's. Lead with blade to open cabinets and...
  7. Weston Passed No Carry in Town Conservation Land Article Last Night

    Does any one know the motivation for this stupid law? Poachers? Stupid liberals? What?
  8. Prosecutor resignes after saying rioters should be shot guess I would not make a good Detroit prosecuter
  9. Papa John’s delivery driver shoots robbery suspect (She did good)

    dont know, but regardless her score goes up.
  10. Papa John’s delivery driver shoots robbery suspect (She did good)

    And none if you single guys asked her out? What's wrong.
  11. Poncho Liners and such

    yes, the ziper has been done for years locally. GI's took them down town to the local seamstress. glad the Marines are issuing it this way.. We folded them in half and the stitched the bottom and 3 feet up the side. This way it kept it from migrating open. Still allowed you to get out quick...
  12. Poncho Liners and such

    I just saw one in multicam. Besides that no noticeable change. Hard to improve perfection I guess.
  13. Russian Soldiers Training GoPro video

    No muzzle discipline. But the camera is a great training tool
  14. article Assault Weapons Ban ineffective (A Non starter)

    The morning after the Sandy Hook shootings, Shannon Watts, a mother of five and a former public relations executive, started a Facebook page called “One Million Moms for Gun Control.” It proved wildly popular and members quickly focused on renewing the federal ban on military style assault...
  15. So, what'd you get to shoot when you were in?

    M 60 D model hanging out the door of a Huey, m-2 .50 cal, m-203, m-16a1, a2, m4, m1911, m-9, M-72 a2 LAW, m249, Rpk, Pkm, Ak-47,
  16. Single point sling question

    IMHO 2 point is a better choice. More practical for carry. Also try to maneuver with a one point once you transition to pistol. Long gun will beat the heck out of you and itself. . Try the V-tac... This is the choice or professionals.
  17. C Rats. I still hate the ham and those muthas.

    Yea you are right..never been there done that!!! Beers too cold, pu$$!& too tight!!! Joe loves to bitch!!!
  18. C Rats. I still hate the ham and those muthas.

    Did you know that all of the MREs are designed that a little place in Natick Massachusetts called US ARMY Natick Labs. If some of you hate them that much why don't you go and protest the place. That would be some funny stuff... Lol
  19. Hey look...more idiots open carrying AR's

    I'm as comfortable with guns as others here. But what would you do if you were sitting in the airport with your family and some random guy walks in with a (loaded?) AR? Honestly it is going to put me on very high alert. Maybe even to the point of putting my people well out of the possible...
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