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  1. Do I have an HVAC issue or an electrical issue ?

    here's an odd problem i had about 3 years into my new house with the a/c breaker blowing. called an electrician, he checked a bunch of things, then pulled the meter and found corrosion on the contacts. cleaned it up, no-ox grease on the contacts, never had another issue and ran great for...
  2. Lost key to gun lock

    guessing the OP already got it open. looks like a ruger padlock. my godson was coming down to shoot about 3ish years ago, and i was getting a few guns ready to shoot. my LCR 38 padlock wouldn't open with the key. basic cut off wheel went thru it in 10 seconds
  3. Why you should go to the bank armed

    that's what i wondered. over the past few years i have cashed checks for 3-5K @ the local eastern bank branch. in & out in 10 minutes or less
  4. Second Amendment supporting Martin's Breads needs our support.

    love their product, bought many times over the years for special occasions, but too much fat, calories & sodium for daily use on my diet. i doubt this will have much effect on Martins
  5. Pro-gun congressman explains how low-caps magazines won’t fit…

    love it. he is bsing these idiots and they have no clue. putting a 938 mag in the 365. [rofl]
  6. I need help: Memorial Day laying of the Flag, honoring WO John 'Fitzi' Fitzgerald, KIA 4/12/68 buried Norwood Mass.

    i was too young to be drafted, but when i went to Washington about 30 years ago, we did the regular tour. when we got to the Memorial, i could not actually go up to it. Didn't know anyone on the wall, just the thought of those names of young men brought me to tears. God bless all. 😢
  7. 1930's Home Made Handgun - Never underestimate bored people from the olden days......

    chipmunks don't bother me, i'm thinking squirrels. cool find for the OP!!!
  8. Chrome AR15

    chrome sucks, but sounds like you're talking buffed mirror finish. as a one-time metal buff operator for a year or two in days gone by, mirror finish can't be beat IMHO. i say go for it. now you're giving me an idea though, could cost me some cash :):)
  9. Authorities locate and identify reported armed suspect on UMass Amherst campus; person no longer risk to community, officials say

    i sit in my backyard often like that after work with a pellet rifle. a bench, not a swing, brown hoodie, not red, but the wine is red. he's probably doing the same as me. waiting for squirrels.
  10. How is the market for buying ammo right now?

    we were doing that back in the 60's. had to get the salt peter @ the drug store. some brainiac we hung with related you just went in, told the druggist the vet said to mix it with the dog's food and they would sell it to you. never found out why it was good for dogs, but our back-yard bombs...
  11. The end of the Brockton Fair

    bought my house here in 1990, went to the fair once mid-90's, back when pot-bellied pig races were all-the-rage. no different than any others back then, but not my thing. first few years of minor league baseball at campanelli stadium was decent though. always met folks i knew. now i try not...
  12. Where to sell old rim fire ammo?

    used to have a couple .40 rim fire found inside the wall of my childhood home in dot, don't know what i did with them, looks like you may have 1 in that collection
  13. S&W .380 Shield--Barrel Question

    go to utube for basic pistol videos. gotta be tons on there. i knew nothing when i started 10 years ago, I took basic pistol live fire course, just because i didn't think i got enough out of the required mass firearms course. still not enough, but got me to point where i had the confidence...
  14. Best 2 stage AR15 trigger

    can't speak for 1911, as the only single i had was the anderson that came with the lower, and as we all know that is garbage. i went with the rock river 2 stage, liked it so much, i bought another for my other AR. i like the RR2 stage, as it feels nice, when i squeeze to the first detent...
  15. Geoff Diehl phone in Q&A tonight

    i agree with all of you who posted re: no changes in Mass w/ regard to gun laws, or the repeal of ANY of the onerous burdens hanging on our necks like the proverbial millstone. need a legislature to back him up, and we know that's not going to happen. if, and that's a big IF, he wins, maura...
  16. Geoff Diehl phone in Q&A tonight

    scott is on now, asking about maura's illegal ban and constitutional carry. nes screen name???. diehl agrees it is /was unconstitutional, and is for con. carry eliminating the "suitability" BS
  17. Geoff Diehl phone in Q&A tonight

    ok i'm on now, Joseph just called in asking about gun rights. NES screen name?
  18. Gilbert Gottfried will not be down...

    i usually tend to avoid watching or listening to people like him, but i have to admit the guy was good. exception to the rule in my case. RIP
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