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  1. Twitter: Woman Removes full auto M4 from Texas National guard vehicle

    I wonder what her definition of “abandoned and unlocked” is… something tells me it might be different than what’s generally accepted
  2. Man arrested at the US Capitol with high capacity magazines, body armor and fake badge

    His Challenger, not sure if it’s “plum crazy” or “hellraisin”, either way, he’s all set. Seems like a designed political stunt. Airsoft and mags with no guns at 5:30am doesn’t exactly scream legit threat/intent. Maybe suicide by cop?
  3. Man waving gun, calling himself 'white devil' arrested in Manchester, police say

    What happens in Manchvegas, stays in Manchvegas.
  4. FN Hi Power - It’s Back!

    Wheres der rail? *ducks*
  5. Fix a finish

    Black sharpie. Do it.
  6. Trump gun control, update post 529 Trump No Longer Backing “Red Flag” Law, Background Check Changes

    At some point I don't doubt that to the mentally ill or unbalanced mind, it goes from entertainment to visualizing yourself performing those heinous acts, and ultimately, training.
  7. Dick's is mulling getting out of hunting gear business

    I eagerly await their Store Closing 70% off sale! I'll think about swinging by then.
  8. Monadnock & NES needs your help

  9. Justice Kavanaugh

    Bingo, lol, I just said something similar.
  10. Justice Kavanaugh

    The craziest women I've met have been those enamored by psychology or chosen it as a profession. I'm sure it's not true of all, but it's been my experience.
  11. Active shooter in TX

    Fully agree. No name in media, unmarked grave or cremation. All assets to victims and their families.
  12. Any one of us who doesnt drop business with Bank of America is a two faced loser

    When I left them several years ago, the manager acted like a little bitch. As I was walking out, he demanded my debit/bank card so he could cut it up. It was downright humorous, I laughed at him and asked him if he was serious. He didn't like that. I walked away.
  13. Parkland Survivor: ‘When They Give Us That Inch, That Bump Stock Ban, We Will Take a Mile’

    I find it very disturbing that all these corporations are lining up to support these groups and choosing sides. Companies like Southwest and Delta providing free airfare. Marriott providing free meeting places. It goes on and on. I was less surprised by Delta, but I thought Southwest's...
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