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  1. WTS CZ 97B

    01/22 bump
  2. WTS CZ 97B

    Up for sale is a CZ 97B in great condition. It comes with its box and two magazines. The price is $800, $750 if you do the transfer. Cash is king! Im not interested in any trades or low ball offers. I am thinning out my collection, and dont need anything else at the moment. Im located in...
  3. Any one of us who doesnt drop business with Bank of America is a two faced loser

    I was 16. They had no legal standing to ask a minor to sign a contract. It took years for them to fix their mistake .I should have finished the story. The fact is, I was a minor, and a minor can't legally sign a binding contract without parental consent. It cost me 200 in attorney fees to get it...
  4. 12 Gauge Mossberg 500. Will it kick like a mule?

    I had calcium buildup in my shoulder that the doctor was going to give me surgery for. I bought a Mossberg 500, shot a box of ammo on my bad shoulder. This was 5 years ago, and I have not had an issue with my shoulder since. The doctor is 100% amazed by my recovery without surgery. Do they...
  5. Any one of us who doesnt drop business with Bank of America is a two faced loser

    They ruined my credit for years. They gave me a credit card at 16..I was in my early 20's before it got any better. Honestly, to hell with Bank of America.
  6. Panic Buying

    I used my bonus from work to stock up on reloading supplies a few weeks ago in early February. I cant believe the timing of everything. People are already going batsh!t crazy. I occasionally have to travel down to North Carolina for work. One shop I went to last week was already putting buying...
  7. Linsky - on news this morning re more gun control

    HAHAHA, I read this and started laughing. This is a classic!
  8. Linsky - on news this morning re more gun control

    Man, this guy needs a hobby.
  9. Shooting another person's target

    I don't think its gay. The reason I built it the way I did was to keep things cheap to fix. I used to let people shoot at it all the time. After seeing it break for the 10th time and having to pay for another repair for damage I didn't cause, I started asking for a $5 deposit. I do the same...
  10. Shooting another person's target

    Hello NES! With only 6 weeks of winter, its time to start getting ready to shoot outdoors. I had an incident last year at a local range. While I was shooting, a group of guys came and set up to shoot. At first, they had plenty to shoot at. But when those guys decided to go tacticool and start...
  11. Your top three most iconic handguns

    1911 CZ 75 (CZ 75 SP01, CZ 75 P01) Browning Hi-power
  12. Did I miss something? Ammo content

    Actually, the manager of the sporting goods section of Walmart has to get it, not the manager. I worked at Wal Mart for 5 minutes once setting up a new store. Within 3 days, I left and got the hell out of retail.
  13. Convert 650 or use square deal b?

    If you dont have to spend the money, dont. Set up the SDB, and use the money saved to buy more components.
  14. Chicopee homeowner found not guilty in teen’s shooting death

    He was a frequent at the local gun shop near by. He had to sell off the majority of his gun collection, as well as borrow money in order to pay for the expenses. *I personally do not know the guy. I am only going off of the conversation in the shop. I personally have not asked as I believe its...
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