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  1. Another Cheap Game Camera

    Amazon Deal of the Day $50. Better than average reviews.
  2. Range Finder deal today

    $60 for a decent review 600 yard range finder. You know you want one, you know you don't want to spend money on one.[rofl] Link:
  3. ClearArmor 141001 Safety Ear Muffs Shooters Hearing

    $15 and over 5000 good reviews. Thoughts?
  4. Deer Cart or Jet sled?

    Need something to drag tree stands in and out of woods, and hopefully deer? 1-2 miles in and out. Which one do you prefer?
  5. 2 man ladder stand on sale

    I wanted one of these for my son and I, and maybe even my daughter(s) if they wanted to come. For $88 if it gets stolen, I wont cry too much. Anyway, Walmart has them on sale for $88 and free delivery or pick up...
  6. Food Plots

    Not to derail the Bait thread, but wanted to get some info on what you guys up here in the North East do for food plots or I should say deer plots. I was given a few private acres to hunt and am throwing the idea of creating a couple of small 1/8 -1/4 plots. Antler King, Whitetail Institute...
  7. WTT Free Firewood! Free Free Free It's all got to go!

    Still a bunch left! Opportunity is knocking for one or a few of you. I have freshly cut trees already cut into fireplace size lengths free for pickup. All you need to do is split them. Roughly 16-20 inches long and 10-20 inches round. They are heavy so you will need a manly pickup truck to come...
  8. Worcester Pistol and Rifle - SCAM EMAIL?

    Just got this email, seems like a scam from [email protected]: I Hope you get this on time, I made a trip to (Manila, Philippines) and had my bag stolen from me with my passport and personal effects therein. The embassy has just issued me a temporary passport but I have to pay for a...
  9. Page Load times Today/Tonight

    The loading of pages is taking a long time, anyone else experiencing this? All my other sites are normal, Maybe My ISP is anti?[grin]
  10. DIY Splatter Targets

    Neat idea on making your own. Not a time saver, but still cool (Father & Son to do).
  11. Legal Bow in MA?

    Is this legal in MA? [smile]
  12. Tell me about hunting and land purchase in Upper State New York.

    Surfing the net I come across these parcels of land for sale for 20-30k for 5+acres and mention of a 7 week hunting period including Sundays. What is the catch? Tug hill region? ATV and Snowmobile trails throughout some of these properties. What gives? Is it because its in no mans land...
  13. Would you eat it?

    Ever seen anything like it?
  14. Need help finding car remote

    If someone can help me locate one of these remotes, or has one laying around in a junk drawer I will owe you big time. All I need is the stupid rubber piece that goes under the cap that acts like the buttons and makes it water resistant. Small cool prize if you help me :)
  15. WTS Free - Free - Free Computer Desk Come get it!

    This is not just a computer desk, it could be used for anything. It is not an elcheapo IKEA special either. This is the real deal. If you are one of those Dungeon and Dragon nerds that has 4+ monitors to play your geeky games, this Desk is for you! It will fit at least 4 monitors, at least 8 if...
  16. Baofeng UV5RA Ham Two Way Radio $28, seems like a good price.
  17. WTS Frigidaire 7.2 cu. ft. Chest Freezer

    Got this thing a couple of years ago to store deer meat and striped bass. Well, I suck at hunting, and I can't catch a fish to save my life, so all it was used for was to hold frozen poland spring water bottles for a cooler for said deer meat and striped bass. It also held the occasional...
  18. WTS NIB 2 pairs of GV Snow Shoes

    2 pairs of brand new in the bags GV snow shoes with Brand new in the Bag Bindings Perfect for exercise, SHTF situations, hunting….endless opportunities. $200 firm for both pairs. Paid Well over $300 a few years ago and never used. Pictures coming in a few minutes. Pickup in Shrewsbury, MA
  19. Couple of Good Prepper deals?

    These seem like good deals…… Toilet Paper Paper Towels 29 cents per roll...
  20. Cold Weather Hunting clothing

    Do any of you wear wool?
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