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  1. 7" 5.56 fun
  2. 9mm fun.
  3. The new must have item.
  4. GoPro Hero 5 on 300blk

    I am gonna have some fun making vids with this thing..
  5. Lovin me some 300 blk..

  6. A liberal friendly firearm..
  7. Ruger MKIII

  8. Love my granson

    Well the grand kids came over today for the Easter egg hunt and dinner. My oldest 7 knowing we where going to do some shooting as I had promised him went out to gather eggs and said " can we just shoot the eggs it would be allot more fun that way".. I agreed and saved all the plastic eggs for a...
  9. My Mauser 98 project.

    Take a Mauser 98 add a .45acp barrel and mag well thread the barrel attach a .45 suppressor and you get this..
  10. My suppressed Winchester 94 project.

    Was wanting a 357 lever gun to suppress but got a 94 30/30 in a trade and decided to run with it. Cut the barrel down to 16.5" threaded and recrowned it. Cut down the mag tube drilled and slotted the barrel for the new tube position. Runs well..
  11. Long distance with a H&K USP .45..

    Suppressed H&K USP .45 shooting a gong at 200 yards.. Spring is great..
  12. CA senator has gone full on nuts.

    Pay very close attention to what he says about this ar..
  13. WTS Fluke 990DSL for sale

    Fluke 990DSL case and leads. Works fine bought for a job a few years ago no longer needed. Over 2000 new 1000 takes it also consider trades for guns. I am in Cooper Maine. Cash, check MO. Will ship..
  14. WTS Vertical humi

  15. WTS Humi stuffed with Cigars #2

  16. WTS Humi stuffed with cigars

  17. A couple pretty toys.

  18. Savage 93R17 new bolt

    Well got home form the match and took the Savage out back for a little shootin. I really do not like the bolt knob peaceful day no boys around so I said time to fix it. I have the older model that had the round bolt knob. You have to dissemble the bolt then the handle just unscrews. I removed it...
  19. Completed new 9mm upper. Vids..
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