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  1. ATF Formally releases new proposed definition of "Frame or Receiver” and Identification of Firearms

    That’s how I read it. Once it goes from 80% to 100% it must be marked
  2. Came down with another case of GAS or Gun Acquisition Syndrome

    More cowbell? Gotta slake the thirst
  3. Magazine online purchases

    Are these what you're looking for: SMITH & WESSON M&P COMPACT MAGAZINE 9MM BLACK | Brownells ? Available both with and without finger extension (1.0 mags are compatible with 2.0 version)
  4. Deals and steals

    Back to regular price now, and only one kit allowed.
  5. Magazine online purchases

    This! If you make with the details, the NES braintrust should be able to alert you of 3-4 online sellers that stock them and will ship to MA.
  6. NH woman caught up by TSA in FL with handgun. (video)

    "The handgun appeared fully functional capable of expelling projectile through the use of an explosion." When that 1,000 word paper is due and you're stuck on 990.
  7. Adam Toledo shooting: Bodycam video of teen killed by CPD released by COPA; family calls for peace: Live Special Report

    His hands are empty when he raises them. There's a screen shot in this article: Chicago releases video of fatal police shooting of Adam Toledo He ditches the gun behind the fence right before he turns around, an action visible in the security cam video in that article.
  8. Might Be a Wild Night in Chicago!

    Thanks! Mods close/lock/delete, please
  9. Might Be a Wild Night in Chicago!

    13 year old shot and killed by Chicago police. He complied with the commands, as confirmed in first video, but you can see in the security cam video that he ditched a firearm behind that fence before turning around...
  10. precision point firearms

    40 watt range model isn’t on the roster.
  11. Town Stickers

    Fair enough. This was almost 30 years ago, though. His message was don't consent, but don't resist.
  12. Town Stickers

    My law teacher in high school taught us to keep our beer locked in the trunk and deny entry unless presented with a warrant. I believe the exact statement to give was "Officer, I respectfully decline your request to look in my trunk. However, if you believe you have the legal right to do so, I...
  13. ATF Playlist

    Couple more: View: View:
  14. Target Sports Delivering Again - Megathread

    Picked up a 500rd case of 300blk online for $1/rd. More than I was hoping to pay, but it’s the same price as my local shop that still sells 9mm at $0.26-0.29/rd. Now I can try out my new pistol build.
  15. ATF Playlist

    Davidian by Machinehead View:
  16. GunControl in 2021 and How to frame your argument and shame these people

    They can all f*ck themselves with a Jagdkommando
  17. Your New Knife!

    Photo of the two I just received
  18. Your New Knife!

    My father sent me his North Arms Skaha II and a Civivi Baklash to hold onto. Both are good lookers, have really smooth action and feel great in the hand. They'll be safe queens for sure!
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