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  1. Wolf upper - what is this thing?

    Ran across this thingie - is this just another piston upper? Never heard of them before. I thought Wolf makes cheap dirty ammo, never heard of them making uppers.
  2. Bolt action pistol/SBR

    Came across this thing and I think this may be a fun project because why not. Black Collar Arms Unleashes Their Pork Sword Chassis and Scorpitrol® Trigger - The Truth About Guns Products Archive - Black Collar Arms
  3. Where to shoot in North Conway NH area

    Have property there and was wondering where to folks in the area go to do a bit of shooting (handgun and rifle). I know there is a club in the area, but I am already member in two Mass clubs and would rather not join a third especially since I am not in the area that often, maybe one a month.
  4. School shooting in Russia

    Crimea shooting: NINETEEN people are killed in school massacre | Daily Mail Online Copied Columbine...
  5. Cheap scope for rimfire

    I have 10-22 and just got a 17HMR Savage, so looking for scope that will be easy to transfer between the two. Main reason is that it has fixed base so it is very easy to put on and remove. It is cheap...
  6. UK going after crossbows next

    Deadly crossbows sold on High Street without need for a licence or background checks DEADLY assault rifle-style crossbows are available on high streets and online without any need for a licence or background checks.
  7. Good article about the "gun homicide epidemic"

  8. Next MA approved firearms roster for us peasants?

    Last one was in March, how often do they update it? Every 6 months?
  9. Air travel cases

    Just wondering what does everyone use when flying? I have a hard plastic case which I can use for handguns to put into my suitcase, however how would you transport your rifle? Do you buy a dedicated large hard case that you check in separately or do you have some kind of case that you can then...
  10. New Hampshire non resident long gun purchase?

    Since I am about to own property in NH, can I purchase an evil gun over there and leave it in my NH house? (And yes, eventually NH residency is planned, however not for a few years or so).
  11. Ruger Precision Rifle woes

    So, I had my 1st gen rifle for a while and decided to add on a muzzle brake. Bought a Ruger brand brake for RPR and a local gunsmith did me a favor and screwed it on for free. This is what happened to my rifle - this is at 50 yards. Last time I shot the rifle it was without the brake in the...
  12. Adler outdoes everyone with their lever-action shotgun.

    I expect this thing to show up in every movie together with Chiappa Rhino.
  13. Tacticool bolt action ideas

    Looking for a tacticool bolt action for bench shooting. Would like to get one in .223 (already have a Ruger Precision for 308). My thoughts: For chassis either this one...
  14. Good article how majority submits to the preferences of a minority My personal take home message from this is that we need to be even more active and uncompromising and never let up the pressure. If you are not an activist yourself, donate.
  15. Tikka goes tacticool - T3x TAC A1 Looks promising. Confession: I like tacticool stuff.
  16. Gun Control Advocates Find a Deep-Pocketed Ally in Big Law They sure don't give up. I guess got to write another check to the NRA.
  17. Sauer rifles

    Just wondering if anyone ever shot one of those, either bolt or semi-auto and are they really worth the asking price?
  18. Why no Benelli Argo E rifles in the US?

    They look interesting and are popular around the world. Why not for us? Anyone have an inside contact at Benelli? [grin]
  19. Is BFG9000 still MA legal?

    Since it does not have any common parts with AR or AK seems to have escaped AG's attention, thankfully. Any shops still carrying it? Definitely want to grab one before AG notices it.
  20. A bit of history - 1976 handgun ban vote

    Figured that I'll post this bit of history. A lot of us now are disillusioned and defeatist. Imagine how the lawful gun owners felt back in 1976 with looming total ban and confiscation. Yet they won.
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