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  1. Monday, I got a call saying my C&R has been approved!

    I got a call from ATF Monday, 8-12-13. They left a message saying my C&R has been approved, and it will be in the mail in 6-8 business days. This morning I got a "Special Information" package with all kinds of pamphlets, publications, and even a DVD. Hopefully my paperwork will be arriving...
  2. I found a good deal on a Remington Rolling Block 7mm Model 5 today!

    A friend sold this to me for cheap money, and I don't know much at all about them. I've been reading that I can't use regular ammo, I need to get reloads? Any idea what the value is on this? Thanks!!
  3. Quick question about "exposing' my gun on my property?

    I live in a Mobile Home Park, and I'm wondering if it's legal for me to be in my yard with an unloaded rifle sighting in a scope with a laser bore sight? People walking by can see where I'd be standing because trailer park yards aren't too large, and the 50 feet I need to sight it in puts the...
  4. Five months to the day....The FBI sent me my UPIN!!!

    Now lets see if it helps on a delay... This should mean my C&R is on it's way, too, right? I sent them off the same day..
  5. Quick poll, hopefully something creative on what you do with empty Mosin Spam Cans..

    What do you do with your empty Mosin Spam cans? I was told 1) they make great 22 targets, drill a hole in the side, and tie a rope to hang them, 2) take a Dremel and smooth out the rough edges and use them to store anything you got, 3) use them for cooking while you're out camping, and 4) just...
  6. Not a Karma post, but a "SHARE WITH MOSIN LOVERS LIKE ME" post!!

    I just got my hands on a really cool 5.08 megabyte, 1:1 scale, print, cut and assemble out of paper, Mosin Nagant project. It's 18 sheets that you print, cut out with a razor knife, fold, assemble, glue, and color with felt tips...and when you're done, you'll have a full size, REALISTIC Mosin...
  7. Mosin Nagant PISTOL!!

    I have fallen completely in love with my Mosin Nagant M44, and today I found this picture. Now, just for the sake of arguement, if some un-named person found a Mosin Nagant in rough condition, and IF that un-named person happened to have the keys, alarm code, and complete access to a well...
  8. I bought my first Mosin Nagant last night.

    I got this Mosin Nagant M44 last night, I'm starting to fall in love with it! Sunday will tell how it behaves, I've got 120 rounds to play with. Any advice from anyone on this weapon?
  9. I have a chance to buy 2 Lee Enfield rifles. Can someone tell me approx. values?

    One is a No. 4 Mk 1 /31 FI FTR...good condition some rust, nice stock The other is a Lee Enfield 1943 8NP in fair condition, with marks and dents in the stock. Can anyone give me a ballpark figure on what I should offer for them? Thanks!
  10. I got a Great deal on a Carcano bayonet!! 1941 C Gnutti

    I got this on Ebay for $71!! The scabbard is in EXCELLENT shape!! It hasn't been sharpened, shortened or molested in any way!!!
  11. Does anyone have any experience with this Ruger 10/22 to Thompson kit?

    I was thinking about building one of these to play with. Has anyone tried this, or have one, or know which kit is best? | Home of the 10/22 Fun Gun! - RUGER® 10/22® "CHICAGO" CONVERSION KIT | Brownells Ruger 10/22 Thompson Submachine Gun Conversion Kit Ruger®...
  12. Question about my range bag and my pickup or Harley?

    Ok, it seems the laws are totally against us, and I like to be one step ahead of the law. So here goes: My range bag is a soft sided "gym bag" that has flaps and pouches and fits everything i need in it. It doesn't lock, and even if it did, a razor knife will go thru it easily. My questions are...
  13. What happens to my guns when I die, and my wife has her LTC??

    What will my wife need to do with my guns once I've gone to my Valhalla? She's got her LTC Class A no Restrictions, too. I have them cataloged with pictures, serial numbers, pertinent info on them, when and where I got them, printed on paper and on a disk in the Safety Deposit Box. Will she...
  14. ruger 22/45 no longer Mass compliant!! What next??

    Turns out here in MA, all the MK3s and 22/45 models were removed from gun dealers stores, as the pistols are no longer MA compliant. I emailed Ruger customer service and a rep called and told me the pistols are being redesigned, and therefore are no longer MA compliant.
  15. It's probably been posted before, but it's worth watching.. what's your opinion?

    Video: Ohio Man Illegally Arrested for Open Carry Sparks $3M Lawsuit
  16. Bayonet on a Carcano: Legal in Mass?

    Is it legal to have a bayonet on a 1929 Carcano bolt action in Massachusetts? Someone told me it's ok as long as it's not a semi-auto rifle, but I'd like to be sure before i get a bayonet for mine. I can't seem to find any info on this. Thanks!
  17. I'm looking for a rear sight for a Carcano rifle??

    I need a rear sight for a Carcano I just picked up. There's 2 inches between the sight mounts. I think this is the one i need. I've looked online, can't seem to find one..
  18. I'm trying to find FFFg BLACK POWDER..not BP substitute..

    I found FFg at Bass pro, but I can't seem to find FFFg for my pistols, and I can't fire Pyrodex or substitute indoors at Taunton's indoor range. Does anyone know who would have FFFg Black Powder? Thanks!
  19. I just got my accepteance letter for Taunton Rifle & Pistol Club!

    I'm looking forward to being a member, I weighed all the local clubs in my area, and it seems Taunton is best suited for my interests. Happy, Happy, happy!
  20. What's the chances that the bill to make any state license valid in all 50 will pass?

    I'm thinking the states don't want to lose the "Out Of State License" revenues..
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