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  1. Is 9-round mag on pump shotgun legal in Mass?

    I say yes, because it’s a pump not semiautomatic shotgun, the MA definition of large capacity on say: “ A large-capacity firearm is defined as a semi-automatic handgun or rifle that is capable of accepting more than ten rounds, OR is a semi-automatic shotgun capable of accepting more...
  2. "FDA Approves Military Device for Civilian Gunshot Wounds"
  3. Old but fun news: "Man buys old crates for firewood, finds arsenal inside" No such luck here I guess.
  4. Best Looking Handgun...

    I was searching handgun images on Google and got this: WARNING: NSFW! Gotta say that handgun looks salivating.[rofl]
  5. Any luck getting through with S&W customer service?

    I've been waiting for half an hours on my cell phone and am still waiting. I need to know the status of my 12/13/2013 order.
  6. Iowa Grants Gun Permits to the Blind

    Iowa grants gun permits to the blind Iowa grants gun permits to the blind Jason Clayworth, The Des Moines Register Bryon Houlgrave, The Des Moines Register DES MOINES, Iowa -- Here's some news that has law enforcement officials and lawmakers scratching their heads: Iowa is...
  7. Korean armed resistance in the Los Angeles riots /1992

    I know there have been many accounts on the 1992 LA riots. Somehow I still Googled it today. Don't think we'll ever get another riot here in this country. Korean armed resistance in the Los Angeles riots in Mad Max World Forum "Korean armed resistance in the Los Angeles riots began on...
  8. Why So Many AR Magazines for Sale in Classified

    Are the sellers anticipating an MA version of NY SAFE Act? (A few AK mags in between as well.)
  9. Why Did Army Terminate Carbine Competition

    I understand it's a CTD blog, but interesting reading nonetheless. Curious Goings-On in Cancelled Carbine Competition
  10. Happy Fourth! Taking my in laws to the range

    I'll start them with 22s, then going up to 9mm, and then 223 and x39! Just a self reminder here: Be safe. Celebrate Independence Day!
  11. Firearm Injuries from an ER Doctor's Perspective

    9mm vs .45 vs Rifle A Dr's View of Gunshot Wounds (graphic photos) - YouTube From the YouTube clip you can tell that the doc had to do research on guns and ammo, but his first hand experience on treating the injuries still sounds very interesting.
  12. Beretta 92F semi auto pistols, at J&G, Used for $399

    Beretta 92F semi auto pistol, 9mm, Good to Very Good condition, Used. Is it a good deal?
  13. For $20,000, You Can Start Printing Pistols that Work, and the World Now Knows How

    Group buy? (Dupe?) Danger in 3-D: The Rapid Spread of Printable Pistols - ABC News
  14. AR magazine: a question on mag body

    Shoot, I can't find any online information on a simple terminology... On the AR magazine body, what do you call the rectangle opening (or slot or whatever) that catches the mag catch? Well, I filed off a real small portion of the upper edge of this opening, and now my mag seats well in the...
  15. My ARs are finicky with magazines

    So I built my first 2 ARs on a Matrix Aerospace lower and an FMK polymer lower. During the panic months (Jan - April), I got a bunch of different brands of mags. I just tested these mags with 4 snap caps. The Colt, Adventure Line, and Orlite mags all seem to work OK: They seat in both mag...
  16. Ammo Availability and Price Easing?

    Sorry if dupe... The most popular ammo, .22lr, 9mm Luger, and .223/5.56 are still scarce. But other calibers seem to be more readily available but at higher prices? I see Tulammo at LGSs... The x39 was $429/ case before tax! Walmart has been the best as far as pricing. They've had prolly 5%...
  17. Ruger SR22: how to change grips

    Just got an SR22... Love how it looks and feels in my hands. I pulled the large grip off and put the small one on, both without much effort. The small grip was too small for me. Well I tried to pull it off for 15 minutes without success. Used the YouTube method, no luck. Other online...
  18. Law Abiding Gun Owners, How Would You Have Prepared Within Watertown Perimeter

    I'm so sick of being called a law abiding gun owner for a millionth time, so take a shit from me... Not sure if this is a dupe. Now, if you had lived within those 20 blocks in Watertown, how would you have prepared for the evacuation? My house is 10 miles away from that area. So I had my...
  19. Why I'm seeing more Glocks for sale in the classified?

    Is it me or real?
  20. Looks like MA LTC allows you to conceal carry in *** 18 *** states

    The website says it's been updated since 3/5/13: Concealed Carry Permit Reciprocity Maps - USA Carry (Click on MA as your resident state) Cheers?
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